SUNDAY ORACLE: Mother Mary (Expect a Miracle)

“Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

Doubt gets in the way of a great deal of living.  We doubt our own abilities, we doubt the abilities of which ever Divine we believe in, we doubt the intentions and abilities of others.  Yes, we all have fallen victim to doubt.  Some of the more fortunate have realized the impediment to real living doubt has been and have taken steps to overcome that horrible thing to go on to live abundant and miraculous lives.

If you have yet to do that, now is your time.  Mother Mary can help.  Mother Mary is the beloved mother of the Christ and is often referred to as the ‘queen of angels.’  She is there to help you heal yourself and to help you in your endeavors to heal others.  She is especially there for those who are child advocates and teachers.

Before we can heal others, we must first heal ourselves.  Often times, that is accomplished by learning to love ourselves.  Borrowing an exercise from Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, try affirming to yourself in the mirror, “I love you.”  Make yourself believe that the person in the mirror really does love you.  Keep saying it and affirming it everyday, until you know that you know that that person in the mirror loves you and approves of you unconditionally. Once you know that you are loved and cared for, you can move on to see the miraculous in every day living.  And, you will be able to bring that attitude into the lives of those you touch.

Call on Mother Mary this week to help you to heal yourself and to lead you into a miraculous life.  Allow her to lead you into a positive and wondrous spiritual healing.  Pray or commune with your chosen Deity or Deities and listen for them to speak to your heart.  Follow where they lead and you will find miracles happening all around you. Following your intuition in small matters and seeing the results will help dispel self-doubt and doubt in others, including the Divine.

Bright blessings!

Source:  Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.


SUNDAY ORACLE: Cordelia (Go Outside)

“You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

Yes, even if it is too cold. Even if it is too hot. Even if it is too windy. Even if it is too wet. Get out into the fresh air! I realize that we have recently traded the warm summertime for the more mild temps (at least, in my neck of the woods) of autumn. And, yes, Cordelia is the Celtic goddess associated with Beltane; however, we still need to get outside!

So many of us have jobs that require being indoors all day. Then we come home to housework and/or cooking. The fact is, getting outside and breathing in some fresh air is quite rare for many. I implore you, if you possibly can, get outdoors for a little while each day.

There is nothing quite as grounding and calming as spending a little time with nature. Allow the breeze to caress you. Gaze into the trees. Admire the beauty of yours or your neighbor’s lawn.

We get stagnant when we stay cooped up indoors. This week, make it a point to get out of the house, out of the office, out of the four walls and spend time outside. This practice will give your relationships a breath of fresh air, also. It may remind you that you can do a little more for the environment. Or it may just clear you mind so that you can make clear-headed decisions.

Call on Cordelia this week, she will willingly show you the beauty of your natural surroundings and give you a fresh look at some stagnant situations in your life.

May you be blessed with beautiful days to be outside! Bright Blessings.


SUNDAY ORACLE: Mary Magdalene (Unconditional Love)

“Love yourself, others, and every situation–no matter what the outward appearances may be.”

As I was typing this post, the song ‘All ya need is love,” began playing in my head.  Love really is what makes the world go around.    Mary Magdalene, though not a Goddess as in one that has been worshiped by any people or religion, was a key figure in the life of Jesus of the Bible.  The Bible does not say directly that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, many scholars say that she was.  However, if she was of that profession, she certainly displayed a courageous and sweet spirit by showing unconditional love to those who would judge her.

Mary Magdalene chose to forgive and love those who looked down on her.  That is what this oracle is all about this week, loving and forgiving those who would judge or hurt you.  You do not have to sink to their level of meanness. You can rise above that hateful attitude and simply send loving energy in their direction.  Forgiveness the key in healing old hurts.  Forgiving is not for those who wronged you, forgiving is for you.  You can wipe a great deal of bitterness off of your heart by forgiving.

Call on Mary Magdalene this week to help you practice unconditional love.  You will be amazed at how light hearted you  become once you dump the grudge baggage you are carrying.  Also, this is a great time to forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself for things you may have done and things you may think you have done.  Learn to love yourself unconditionally.

If you are in the midst of an argument with family or friends or anyone else, look at the situation through the eyes of love.  Love can heal many conflicts.  Allow your connection with the Divine and that infinite supply of love to permeate your spirit.  As love flows from inside your heart into the world around you, you will see your life situations improve and happiness will invade your life.

Practice love, dear ones, practice love!  Bright blessings!


SUNDAY ORACLE: Maeve (Cycles and Rhythms)

“Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions.”

All life is all about cycles.  The sun, moon, stars, and indeed the entire universe operates in cycles.  The human body, especially in the female body, is one cycle after another.  Before I understood about natural cycles, I dreaded going through my menstrual period.  They were usually heavy and painful.  Had I known then what I know now….to be cliche…I truly believe that I would have been able to not only handle those periods, but appreciate the cycle that they were a part of.

Maeve is a Celtic goddess most known for her abundant sexual appetite.  She the most feminine of goddesses. She can help you through painful and heavy periods.  She also can alleviate the depression and anxiety that can be a part of your cycle.  If you are currently in an energetic period, she can help you focus that energy into something creative and productive.

Call upon Maeve any time you need a lift in mood, or relief during any of your monthly or life cycles.  There may be a window of opportunity open for you, she can propel you to take action at just the right time to make the most of that opportunity.

If you happen to have not been fortunate enough to have been born female, you can still benefit from the guidance and care of Maeve.  She will help you to recognize and understand the cycles of the male body, mind, and emotions also.  She can direct you through all the cycles of the universe to help you live your life and make decisions in accordance with the rhythms and cycles that surround you every day.

May you become more attuned to your body and your universe through the wisdom of Maeve.

Bright Blessings



Rhiannon (Sorceress)

“You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality.”

The one thing that always happens when I think of the goddess Rhiannon is the song of the same name by Fleetwood Mac. Although most view the lyrics of the song to be about an elusive woman who seems just out of reach of your love, I believe that it is a tribute to this Welsh goddess. Rhiannon is a shape shifter who helps souls transition from life on Earth into the next realm. She can also help with the many transitions that occur in our lives while we are still here on Earth.

Rhiannon is a loving goddess queen that is said to be the inspiration and muse of poets, writers, and artists. She is the perfect oracle for this week that begins with a full moon. She will help you see the magic that is inside you and bring it to the surface. In this way, you can begin to see the manifestation of your hearts desire, the realization of your dreams.

Your dreams and goals are a part of your life’s mission. Fulfilling those dreams and goals directly affects the Earth and all life on it. When you begin to live your dreams, you are making a positive impact on the world around you physically and spiritually.

Begin this week, under the influence of the full moon, to devote yourself to meeting goals and taking steps toward fulfilling your life’s purpose. Call on Rhiannon and she will help you transition into the life of your dreams, filling you with magic and wonder.
May you be blessed with success this week and forevermore.



Oonagh Easy Does It

“There is no need to hurry or force things to happen. Everything is occurring in perfect timing.”

Whoa! Use this time to slow down and assess what is really going on around you. Remember, Universe has everything running along as smoothly as ever. There is no need to wear yourself out with busy work. Take a few moments to think about what is really important to you. What is it that makes your heart sing? A relationship or a cause? What ever that thing is, do that. Put your time and effort into the things you really love. This will guide you to your true life’s purpose.

No one on this planet has the exact same life purpose as you. Take care and nourish your loves and know that everything is working out according to plan. Those who follow their heart are the happiest and have the most peace of mind. This could be you!

This week call on the Celtic goddess, Oonagh. It is said that when the Gaels invaded what we know as Ireland, Oonagh and her clan, the Tuathas, transformed themselves into leprechauns. They were able to stay in Ireland and live peacefully without having to fight or flee. Oonagh can also help you to transform into what or where you need to be in order to fall in line with your life’s path.

Do not make any rash decisions this week. No sudden moves, even if you have it all worked out. Allow things to just happen for a few days. Slow, steady progress is the way to handle things now.

If you have been trying to start your own business or move into a new career, start slow. Don’t leave your old job this week, ease into your future and things will work out.
This is a time of transition in your life, just do not rush it, allow it to happen.

Many bright blessings this week!



“Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?”

This is a tough task for many people. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. That is to face who I really was and what I really wanted in life. Tough, yes! Worth it, YES!

We discussed last week the importance of quiet time. Quiet time presents the perfect avenue for coming to terms with these two issues. Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. She shows that it is the element of fire that purifies and burns away old, useless things in our lives. She will guide you to discovering your true desires, your true path. Do not be afraid to call on Pele to help reveal these things to you.

There is a reason why you have the interests and dreams that you do. They are a part of you. Divinely issued. You can run from who you are. You can deny your own passions. However, doing this insures that you will never find true happiness and fulfillment.

This is the time to take charge of who you really are and what you want for your life. Maybe it is time for you to start that new business. Or simply change jobs, preferably to one that aligns with your passions and interests. Honestly look at your priorities and how you spend your time. Does this reflect taking steps to manifest your dreams? If not, make the necessary changes Give yourself permission to go for your dreams! Do not hesitate to begin moving toward your dreams.