Natural Hair Product Review

I love using natural products in hair and body care.  For me, my skin care is very simple and I can use products that I already have on hand, usually.  Hair care is a little more difficult to do.  So, when I come across natural products for hair care, I’m willing to give them a try.

A friend gave me some products from a company called Honey House Naturals.  There is shampoo, conditioner, and soap.  I have to say that I love each of these products.  The shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel so soft and weightless.  They seem to put bounce and life into my hair.  The bar soap is a hit, also.  It goes on creamy and makes my skin feel hydrated and moisturized.

I quickly fell in love with the products.  But, just because something says ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it is natural.  So, I set out to find the truth about Honey House Naturals. I first went to their website,  I was smitten, once again, by the story of the company found on the ‘About Us’ page on the website.  Their mission to ‘Create pure, all-natural healing products in packaging that is both attractive and ecologically viable, while simultaneously providing prompt and caring customer service’ says it all.  I do love using products from this type of company.  One that cares about the planet and their customers.

The proper names for the products I used are:

Honey House Fresh Shampoo, Citrus scent

Honey House Fresh Conditioner, Citrus scent

Honey Blossom Soap

The shampoo and conditioner are very lightly scented.  Just enough citrus to make your hair smell as good as it feels.  The Honey Blossom Soap smelled like honey and feels so good on your face and body.

I’m giving Honey House Naturals a big ole thumbs up for their hair care products.  And I will certainly be trying out their other products in the near future.

Bright Blessings