SUNDAY ORACLE: Love (Compassion)

What the world needs now is love, sweet love.  That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

Although this song was recorded by Jackie DeShannon in 1965, how true those words ring today! Love and compassion between fellow members of the human race seems to have gone extinct.

What is amazing is the feeling of love we have when we show love to others.  It is a most powerful energy.  Given out among other humans, animals, and all living things, love vibrates right back to the giver.

This week, make love a priority.  Give your energy to allowing love to take over your own heart. Send loving vibrations out into the Universe and experience the outpouring back in your own life.  Love is karma at its best.

Bright Blessings, Dear Ones


Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by Steven D Farmer, Ph.D


SUNDAY ORACLE: Sekhmet (Be Strong)

“You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures a happy outcome.”

We humans are a resilient lot, even if we feel like we are about to break.  Begin today to take stock in who you really are.  Look at all of the struggles you have been through.  You came through all that and you survived.  Never, ever under estimate your worth.

Stay away from negative people and negative thinking.  Focus on your strengths and build on those.  This is a great time to take care of your physical strength, also.  Start an exercise routine, if you don’t already have one.  Add some healthier foods to your diet.

Sekhmet is a fiercely protective Egyptian goddess. She is able to reveal to you your hidden strengths. Call on this lion goddess when you are feeling weak or cannot find your own value.  Sekhmet will show you your strengths and help you build yourself up.  When we realize who we are, the wonderful, amazing creature that we are, good things to flow to us.

Bright blessings to you all this day!  Know that you are loved and accepted.



SUNDAY ORACLE: Isolt (Undying Love)

“The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.”

This is a most amazing thought, don’t you think?  To know and imagine that the love you have put out into the Universe, the love that you have shown to others will last forever!!  Shared love is the ultimate illustration of the ripple effect.  When you drop one drop of love anywhere, it ripples unendingly in the vast ocean of human interaction.

At this time, if you are suffering from a broken heart, know that your heart will heal.  Yes, it does take time, but the love you have sent out into the Universe in the past (whether distant past or recent past) is flowing back to you.

To speed the healing, get out in nature. Spend time with the trees and birds and flowers and scurrying animals.  Breathe in all the love you have previously sent out.  It will heal your brokenness.

Isolt is a Celtic goddess that knows a bit about undying love.  Call upon her when you need help getting through a breakup.  Call on her when family or friend relationships need a little extra loving kindness splashed on.  She can be especially helpful even if there is a rift with a relative or friend who has passed on.  She can help you heal that wound that you may think can never be healed.

Love is love and will forever be love.  Flowing ceaselessly around us.  When you put it out into the Universe in the form of loving others, it will most assuredly come back to you multiplied, in your time of pain or loneliness.

May you feel love surround now and always.

Bright blessings!


SUNDAY ORACLE: Mary Magdalene (Unconditional Love)

“Love yourself, others, and every situation–no matter what the outward appearances may be.”

As I was typing this post, the song ‘All ya need is love,” began playing in my head.  Love really is what makes the world go around.    Mary Magdalene, though not a Goddess as in one that has been worshiped by any people or religion, was a key figure in the life of Jesus of the Bible.  The Bible does not say directly that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, many scholars say that she was.  However, if she was of that profession, she certainly displayed a courageous and sweet spirit by showing unconditional love to those who would judge her.

Mary Magdalene chose to forgive and love those who looked down on her.  That is what this oracle is all about this week, loving and forgiving those who would judge or hurt you.  You do not have to sink to their level of meanness. You can rise above that hateful attitude and simply send loving energy in their direction.  Forgiveness the key in healing old hurts.  Forgiving is not for those who wronged you, forgiving is for you.  You can wipe a great deal of bitterness off of your heart by forgiving.

Call on Mary Magdalene this week to help you practice unconditional love.  You will be amazed at how light hearted you  become once you dump the grudge baggage you are carrying.  Also, this is a great time to forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself for things you may have done and things you may think you have done.  Learn to love yourself unconditionally.

If you are in the midst of an argument with family or friends or anyone else, look at the situation through the eyes of love.  Love can heal many conflicts.  Allow your connection with the Divine and that infinite supply of love to permeate your spirit.  As love flows from inside your heart into the world around you, you will see your life situations improve and happiness will invade your life.

Practice love, dear ones, practice love!  Bright blessings!


SUNDAY ORACLE: Kuan Yin (Compassion)

“Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

One only has to look around them and know that all over the world, compassion is in short supply.  The only change that we can affect, is to change the way we view ourselves and others.  Take notice of how you talk about other people.  Take notice of how you think and talk about yourself.  Begin right now, this very second, to resolve to be kinder.  Be kinder to yourself and be kinder to others.

It is usually harder to be kind to yourself than it is to be kinder to others.  So, may I suggest, begin with yourself.  Let go of negative self-talk.  Let go of guilt.  Begin to be who you are and be okay with that.  Look for the good qualities that you have.  Bring your inner loveliness to light and dwell on the good that you are.

Once you are used to loving and being kind to yourself, you are ready to love and be kind to others.  If you are prone to gossip or complain about another person, now is the time to stop that behavior.  It does not matter if it is a best friend, spouse, coworker, or acquaintance, be kinder to them both when in their presence or out of their presence.  Look for good in others, especially those that you have the most difficulty in being kind to.

Kuan Yin is an Eastern goddess.  She is beautiful and compassionate.  She knows how to help you to become more compassionate also.  Call on her this week to help you release perfectionism (if you have perfectionist tendencies).  This will help you avoid judgmental-ism and being to be more positive about yourself and about others.

This is where compassion starts; with you being more positive about yourself, then those in your immediate circle (family), then others that you come into contact with regularly (coworkers, friends, the clerk at the supermarket, etc.), then your circle of influence widens to each and every individual you meet.

Your life will be happier and you will feel less burdened down when you practice compassion.

Wishing you much happiness.   Bright Blessings