SUNDAY ORACLE: Fairies; Earth Magic


As we enter the fall season, it is a lovely time to practice a little earth magic! Early fall is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. Later on, when the last of vegetables and fruits have been harvested, it is a time of putting your planting space to bed. There can be a lot going on in the world of gardening this time of year. Fairies are just the ones that can help you tend to your garden no matter what season of the year.

Fairies are nature spirits and are never more pleased with humankind as when humankind is being kind to the Earth. As you are lovingly tending your plants, trees, or lawn, the fairies can help you reconnect with the healing energies of the Earth. Take some time, as the temperatures cool, to breathe in some of those soothing energies. Get your hands dirty. Walk barefoot. Lie on the grass and dream with the clouds. The more time you spend caring for nature, the more the fairies will bless you with the magick of beautiful and bountiful plants.

“Fairies are Nature spirits thought to be descended from the early tribes—particularly the Tuatha de Danann, those associated with the Goddess Dana who once ruled Ireland.” Steven D Farmer, Earth Magic Oracle Cards


November: A Time of Transition


There was a time in my life when I dreaded the month of November. It seemed to me to be the most dreary of all months. Cloudy, leafless, normally there is a cold drizzle that is almost constant. As with many of my old beliefs, this one has also been cast aside. November didn’t change, I changed.


Let me urge you this November, if you are in a part of the world that has distinct seasons, to take a new look at this month. Yes, the brilliant colors of October are dulling. The cooler temperatures are driving us indoors. Aesthetically, November will always be a dreary looking month, but take a look at the deeper meaning of what is taking place. November is a wonderful time for transitioning into a better, happier life. For those who have just recently celebrated the turning of the Wheel on Halloween, this is the beginning of a new year. Now is the perfect time to do some soul searching.


The trees are releasing their hold on all of the old leaves. They are shaking off all of the things that they no longer need making way for the new that is to come. They stand naked in the cold drizzle showing their true form and allowing the rain to slowly, methodically wash away the dirt and grime of the past.


We, too, can take this time to shake off the old stuff that we may be holding on to. This could be anger, hurt, fear, or any other negative emotion that we hold dear. These are, more than likely, the things that are making us sick anyway. We can get rid of old things, also. Clean out closets and rid our physical life of the stuff that no longer serves us. Any time we have the courage to release old stuff, we are making room for new stuff. (And by stuff, I mean emotions, beliefs, habits, and, yes, stuff.)


As the trees of November shed their leaves and we see their true form, take some time to look inside. We can come to see our own true form as well. The first goal in Wicca is to ‘Know thyself’. This is a fine time to come to know who we really are. Each one of us has a responsibility to know who we are and what our place is on this Earth. Once that self knowledge is in place, we can truly fulfill our purpose and be happier than we ever thought possible.


Nature can teach us so many things about ourselves, listen closely to her wisdom.