SUNDAY ORACLE: Aeracura (Blossoming)

“You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up.”

Throughout our lives there are cycles and with those cycles there is newness. Beginnings happen for us all our lives. New projects, new relationships, new paths, etc. Whatever your newness is this week, be patient and don’t rush. Enjoy the newness and the process of growing.

Now, if this is a time in your life when you feel as if you are stuck or life has grown stale…start something new. Sometimes you have to make newness happen. Find a new outlet for the passion in your life. Not sure which direction you need to be going? Consult Aeracura. She can give you the direction you need so that you can find a starting point.

Aeracura is a Earth Mother goddess, she is also a bridge between this life and the hereafter. She will help you find the money or products you need to begin your new project. She is especially helpful to artists of all genres and inventors. She is the perfect help when you are beginning a new project.

Slow down this week, ease into your new thing with love and patience and enjoy watching yourself grow as your plan unfolds. Just keep believing in yourself and your abilities. Make sure you inundate yourself with positive self talk and loving affirmations.Bright Blessings as you embark on your new thing!

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SUNDAY ORACLE: Maeve (Cycles and Rhythms)

“Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions.”

All life is all about cycles.  The sun, moon, stars, and indeed the entire universe operates in cycles.  The human body, especially in the female body, is one cycle after another.  Before I understood about natural cycles, I dreaded going through my menstrual period.  They were usually heavy and painful.  Had I known then what I know now….to be cliche…I truly believe that I would have been able to not only handle those periods, but appreciate the cycle that they were a part of.

Maeve is a Celtic goddess most known for her abundant sexual appetite.  She the most feminine of goddesses. She can help you through painful and heavy periods.  She also can alleviate the depression and anxiety that can be a part of your cycle.  If you are currently in an energetic period, she can help you focus that energy into something creative and productive.

Call upon Maeve any time you need a lift in mood, or relief during any of your monthly or life cycles.  There may be a window of opportunity open for you, she can propel you to take action at just the right time to make the most of that opportunity.

If you happen to have not been fortunate enough to have been born female, you can still benefit from the guidance and care of Maeve.  She will help you to recognize and understand the cycles of the male body, mind, and emotions also.  She can direct you through all the cycles of the universe to help you live your life and make decisions in accordance with the rhythms and cycles that surround you every day.

May you become more attuned to your body and your universe through the wisdom of Maeve.

Bright Blessings