Perfect Parsley


Parsley is widely known as a decorative herb. At the most, many people know that parsley can be used to freshen your breath. Maybe that is why it is so often used as a garnish. While I do not want to take anything away from the beauty and the fact that it enhances the look of any dish, I just want you to know that there is so much more to parsley than meets the eye!

Parsley is such an easy herb to grow. A little dirt, water, and sunshine…there you have it! Fresh parsley until the wee chill of the fall. This is an annual herb/plant, so you have to plant every year. If you sow seeds, expect them to take up to 6 weeks to germinate. Be patient, it is well worth it. Buying the plant is much easier and you can wait until after any danger of frost and plant it outside.

The health benefits of this plant are quite astonishing. This little herb is packed with:



Iron (2x the amount in spinach)

Vitamin K (over 500% of the DRV)

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

B Vitamins


Parsley is a wonderful digestive aid when added to foods. But, if you still have a little digestive upset, brew a cup of parsley tea to settle things down.

Parsley also detoxifies your body and purifies the blood.

Taken (or rather, eaten) daily can alleviate joint pain due to the fantastic anti-inflammatory properties of parsley.

Some studies suggest that there are cancer-fighting compounds found in parsley and that it inhibits tumor growth.

I believe it is to our benefit to incorporate a generous serving of parsley in one or more of our meals EVERY DAY!

As for the magickal assignments to parsley; well, let’s just say that in times past, parsley as a garnish was there because it was said that parsley could protect from food contamination. Parsley is a herb that is held sacred to Persephone and is used in funeral wreaths. It is also used as a protection herb in your home, just add a few sprigs to any floral arrangement.

Used as an aromatherapy ingredient, parsley is refreshing, stimulating and warming.

I don’t know about anyone else, but after learning so much about parsley, I use it daily in so many dishes. I would encourage you to also add parsley to your salads, soups, egg dishes, or potato dishes or anything else you plan on having for dinner.

I will provide recipes and tips on how you can get the most from your parsley, fresh or dried, in the next Enchanted Leaf post.  Until then…

Bright blessings, dear ones!

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