Roses…what can be said about roses?  Well, a whole lot! They are one of Mother Nature’s finest creations. A beautiful flower that has been used as a symbol of love and romance for, oh, FOREVER!  Did you know that a rose is not just a pretty face?  A rose is quite the workhorse in the world of herbs. AND it tastes like heaven! Yes, a rose is definitely one of the more pleasant tasting herbs around.

One of the most beautiful sights along the edges of the roadways in summer are the delicate pink flowers that seem to explode overnight and keep blooming for quite some time. These are the very wild Sweetbriar roses.  They are lovely and fragrant and extremely thorny.  However, if you have the desire for a wonderful healing plant and a little bit of tenacity, the wild rose can be yours.  Oh, and, remember to bring gloves.

When I talk about the rose as a healing herb, I’m not just talking about the petals of the flower.  No, ma’am (or sir), I’m talking about the whole plant.  Now, honestly, the petals and hips are the best tasting; however, the leaves also have excellent anti-oxidant properties.

Of course, rose hips can be used as a tea or made into a jelly, just like any berry or fruit and they are loaded with Vitamin C.  There is also Vitamin A, many Vitamin Bs, Vitamins K and E.  Yep, it’s a healthy little fruit, for sure.

The entire rose plant can be used daily as a blood tonic.  Just brew up a cup of tea, or you can use it as a nourishing infusion and drink a whole jar each day!  Rose will loosen up sludge in your vital organs, especially the liver, and move all the toxins out.  There is also this wonderful little drink called Rose Elixir that you can make yourself.  It is made with roses, brandy, and honey.   Now that is some nice herbal remedy right there!  (I will locate my recipe and post it tomorrow for you) Rose Elixir relieves menstrual cramps like a dream.

The rose can relax you and lift your mood. It is used to help circulation and other heart issues, such as, palpitations, and high blood pressure.  For digestive issues like, diarrhea, nausea, IBS, constipation, etc., rose is a go to herb. This romantic flower is also used for many female issues and to increase libido. Rose can be used externally for muscle pain, sunburn, skin irritations, etc. You may simply want to sprinkle some rose petals on your salad for a tasty treat! Just remember to remove the white part at the very bottom of the petal, it is just a bit bitter.

That sweet,delicate rose is a fierce warrior when it comes to your overall health and healing.  This is a must have for any herb cabinet.

The metaphysical aspects of the rose include, of course, love potions! It can also be used in healing spells, sachets, and incense.

So, this spring, when you see the wild roses flourishing on the sides of creeks and rivers, help yourself to some healing.  Make sure you have permission when you are on someone else’s property. Remember do not harvest everything…leave some for next year!  Of course, you can always get your roses at your local health food store or from a few reputable online suppliers like Mountain Rose Herbs or Bulk Herb Store.

Bright Blessings, Dear Ones




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