SUNDAY ORACLE: Milky Way (Perspective)

The Milky Way is only one of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. It is said that the Milky Way is one hundred thousand light years in diameter.  The more we let that sink in, the smaller we become.  If we allow it, we will begin to feel helpless and hopeless in the vastness of our world, our galaxy, and our universe.  Another perspective is to take in the awesomeness of the universe and understand that we are connected to it. We are made up of parts of the stars, we belong in the grandness of all that we can see and beyond to things we cannot see.

It may be that you have lost your perspective in a situation that you are in. Time now for you to gain that perspective back.  Step back from the situation, detach yourself.  This does not mean that you are unconcerned or  that you have turned your back on those you love.  It means, you know that you have to detach in order to gain knowledge and be an instrument of help in that situation.

Take time to see things as an observer, not as one that is related to it or to its outcome.  See this thing from all sides. Don’t judge yourself or others. Just see it for what it is.

Once you gain that new perspective, you will be able to handle the circumstances that are before you with wisdom and grace.  It may even be that the thing that threatened to overwhelm you, was not as big of a concern as you once thought.

May you be blessed this week with the fearlessness that comes from detaching and gaining a new perspective.

Bright Blessings, Dear Ones


From EARTH MAGIC Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer, Ph.D.




Herb of the Week: Elderflower

When you are driving down the road in the Spring and you notice a delicate white flower waving from bright green shrubs, you will know that you have encountered the incomparable elderflower! If you slow down and the moon is just right, you may even see the fae folk (fairies) dancing beneath the shelter of the elder branches.

Maybe you have seen these a thousand times and just never really gave them much thought. Well, today is the day to give them much thought. Elderflower, along with Elderberries, are a must have for any herb cabinet. This is especially true as Winter arrives and the sniffles and sneezes begin. These inconspicuous little gems are so very good for you!

Elderflower tea is an excellent Winter tonic. Almost everything about this herb is delicate, the way it looks, the way it tastes, and the way it works. It is a great choice for children and the elderly because of its gentleness. Now, just because I used the words ‘delicate’ and ‘gentle’ doesn’t mean it is less effective. This herb packs a punch against Winter illnesses. The flavor is mild and can be manipulated for even the pickiest of palettes. All though Elderflower is nice alone, it can be mixed with other herbs, such as, mint or rose or ginger or cinnamon, etc. to make an extra soothing cold reliever. Personally, I like to use a bit of honey also, just to sweeten it up a little.

For healing the Elderflower is the right choice for fevers, colds, flu, sinusitis, and bronchitis. It is an effective expectorant to help clear bronchial phlegm. You may even use it topically to relieve minor burns, insect bites, cuts, and scrapes.

The metaphysical aspects of Elderflower are especially potent as the Elder is known, in some circles, as the witches tree. The flowers can be kept on your altar, if you have one, to keep evil from your home. Elderflower is an excellent addition to wish fulfillment spells, also. Oh, and, most important of all, NEVER EVER burn Elder. The shrub/tree is sacred to the goddess Hecate and burning can bring some bad mojo into your life.

Now that Winter is upon us, it is time to stock up on the cold and flu season herbs. I do hope you add Elderflower to the list!

Bright Blessings, Dear Ones





As long as there has been time, there has been music. There is music all around us, all we have to do is listen. The wind carries music all around the Earth, at times it is subtle, sometimes not so much. Who doesn’t love the sound of the rain? It is relaxing and calming.

When we humans showed up on Earth and began evolving, we began to create instruments and using music as a part of every day life. As we have grown, our instruments have changed and so has our music. There are so many different genres, anyone can find one that they have an affinity for.

Take time to listen to music this week, really listen. Spend some time in nature and listen to the music of the Earth. Also, try listening to a different type of music than you normally would. Try picking out the different instruments, hear their individual sounds, hear how they come together in harmony.

Let music be your mantra as you go about life this week. Let the harmony of the music soothe and calm your spirit. Breathe harmony back into the world around you.

Bright Blessings, Dear Ones.



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