mondstein grau

To moon gazers the moonstone may just be the most beautiful of the stones. And, yes, it is a beauty in looks and in its energies. The glorious moonstone alludes to the mysterious and speaks of secrets and hidden truths.

There are many colors of the moonstone. Each color has its own specific energy and use. Over all, any of the moonstones will have this singular property in common; it opens the heart to accept love from yourself and from others. Now that’s a lovely thought, right?

In the realm of career work moonstones can be used to by various professionals to enhance the work. Artists and dancers can use moonstone to release their self-expression. For educators it can enhance their creativity especially in the area of sharing activities. Executives will find that the heart opening energy of the moonstone will infuse their duties with compassion. Counselors will find an increase in their sensitivity and empathy. And waiters/waitresses will become more self-accepting.

If you are after meditating with your moonstone, perhaps this color guide will help you get the most from the crystals energy and your meditation time:

Blue: Reveals life lessons and emotional patterns, clears the mind and promotes focus.

Gray: This color is also called the New Moon Stone, this is a very shamanic stone helping you to see past the veil into the other side. The gray moonstone reminds us of the potential within.

White: If you are in the midst of dreamwork, this is the color moonstone for you. Promotes visions. It is also the color of passion in the realm of moonstones. It heightens a woman’s kundalini energy and balances the emotions of males. This is also the color to choose if you have a child or know one that is having trouble with insomnia or nightmares.

Peach/yellow: Supports the heart and emotions, stimulates the mind and intellect, and soothes anxiousness. Carrying this stone with you will bring out your very best side in all aspects as it promotes the Divine that is in you. For intuitive or sensitive children, the peach moonstone will offer comfort and a feeling of safety.

Rainbow: The rainbow moonstones acts as an energetic prism. It diffuses energy, deflecting negativity and easing emotional trauma. It also aids in lucid dreaming. This particular stone is aligned with the Goddess and connects one with the spirits of Nature.

The physical healing properties of the moonstone are just as impressive as all the other energy it exudes. This stone is used to aid the digestive process. It promotes nutritive assimilation so that you get the most out of the good food you eat. This is also a perfect stone for growing children and essential to females of every age.

I do hope that, if you don’t already have one, that you are able to purchase a moonstone very soon.

Bright Blessings, Dear ones!

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