SUNDAY ORACLE: Shaman (Ancient Healing Wisdom)

When the shaman card comes up, it is time to re-evaluate your spiritual path. Are you following the path that was meant for you or are you following the path that someone else chose for you? This is your time to go within and make sure that your spiritual self is in balance.

The kind and compassionate shaman is a healer. Above all else, through his/her ancient healing wisdom, the shaman knows that spiritual balance is a must in order to heal the physical and/or mental ailments. Shamans have the unique ability to travel beyond the realm of our natural time and space. They rely heavily on their spirit helpers, i.e., Guardian angels, ancestral spirits, etc., to aid in the healing of their patients.

Perhaps this card showing up in your life right now means that you are feeling a spiritual tug to follow the shamanic path. If so, take some time to explore that possibility this week.

Whether or not you become a shaman, know that in order for healing to begin, you must be in balance in your spirit. You should feel at one with your version of the Creator. As you begin to find that balance, you will certainly notice that other areas of your life are falling into place.

Bright Blessings

From the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer, Ph.D.

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