SUNDAY ORACLE: Dawn (New Beginnings)

lake of snowThere are many instances in the cycles of nature and the universe that allow for new beginnings. How many times have we each desired to have a ‘do over’ of some sort. There are new years, new months, new moons, etc. Well, nothing says newness like the dawn of each and every day! Maybe you have spent many hours wishing for a new start. You actually have that chance for a new start every morning of your life. No one can make a change in your life except you and those you allow. So, your new start is on you and it is available each morning.

Take some time this week to meditate with the dawn. Go on outside and be a witness to the awakening of all of nature around you. Feel the newness that eases into the morning and opens up into a whole new day. See a sunrise without trying to be aware of the clock, just experience it. Allow the dawn to feed your dreams and give you that sense that you can start over and accomplish whatever your life’s desire is. Dawn meditation will give you a renewed hope for better things.

Should this day be less than you hoped or expected, guess what? Tomorrow there will be a new dawn, another chance to make the world and your own life a better place!

Bright blessings to you and yours on this and every new day!

From Earth Magic oracle cards by Steven D Farmer, Ph.D.

Photo courtesy of Burt O’Neal McKinney, Jr.

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