SUNDAY ORACLE: Ishtar (Boundaries)

“Love yourself enough to say o to others’ demands on your time and energy.”


Each one of us has boundaries. The only difference is, some people are able to convey and protect their own boundaries while others do not seem to have that same ability. There are those of us who give and give of our time and efforts until we begin to resent the very ones we were seeking to help or comfort. That is the worst thing that a person can do. Once you begin to resent those you really want to aid, the relationship disintegrates. That never ends well.

Take some time this week to connect with your own boundaries. See exactly where they are and if you are allowing others to cross that line. You can stop this cycle of boundary crossing. When that line is being encroached upon, whether it is from you allowing it or others disrespecting your space, stop and back away from the person or situation. Once you respect your boundaries, others will recognize and respect, also.

Ishtar can help you in this endeavor. She is the goddess that represents all of the aspects of the Divine feminine. She is nurturing, healing, and protective. Ishtar also embodies sensuality, fertility, and wisdom. She will tirelessly aid you, whether male or female, in setting boundaries and keeping them in place.

This one act of loving yourself enough to say no at times to people and situations that exhausts you will go a long way to helping you maintain your own happiness and readiness to be of help to others. With the week ending with a New Moon and the beginning of Spring, this is the perfect time to begin to infuse your own soul with love and kindness.

Happy Spring! Bright blessings to all!

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