SUNDAY ORACLE: Guinevere (True Love)

“The romantic stirrings in your heart have propelled the universe to deliver great love to you.”Guinevere

Most of the time we think of true love as the act of being with someone who loves us as deeply as we do them. However, true love can take many forms: a mother’s love for her children, platonic love for someone, and, indeed, love for yourself.

Guinevere is a Celtic goddess who was also known as the “White One” or “White Phantom.” She assists in bringing romance and true love into your life. Romance is a vital part of our happiness and well being. If you do not have romance in your life, make some. Do not wait for romance to come to you, make it yourself for yourself. Spring is approaching, it is a great time to fall in love with the natural world again. Go outside and revel in the newness that springtime brings.

Make a little romance for someone else. True love doesn’t always just fall into your lap. Sometimes you have to be the one to ‘make it happen.’ Send flowers to the one you have set your affection on. Give out love and the Universe will give back.

Call on the beautiful goddess, Guinevere, this week to help you find your true love, the love that will make you happiest.

Bright blessings, lovelies!

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