SUNDAY ORACLE: Sarasvati (The Arts)

“Express yourself through creative activities.”

Nothing sets our soul free like creative expression. Nothing gets us out of a funk like allowing our creativity to go wild! If you’ve been feeling stuck in any area of life, take time to do some creative therapy. Paint, write, dance, play music, write music, listen to music, act, work with any crafts or creative endeavor, etc. Anything that utilizes your creativity is allowed!

If your creative juices seem to not want to flow. Put on some music, if music is not your talent, whatever type of music touches your heart, and you will notice that the weight of the world lifts. You are no longer limited by circumstance. Your mind is working in a realm above the material aspect of life and that sets creativity free.

Sarasvati is the Hindu goddess of the Arts. She can help you rise to the challenge of releasing your creative side. She can bring about opportunities for you to use your artistic talents. Call on her if you are feeling stagnant in the area of the arts. Life is so much more than just work and worry. Allow yourself to be consumed by the arts and your own creativity, at least for a little while!

Bright Blessings!sarasvati

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