“Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants.”

Vesta is our goddess for this week.  She is a Roman goddess of hearth and home. Vesta brings warmth and the feelings of love and harmony to your household.

It is important to the energy of your home to make it inviting and warm even if you are not a social person.  This energy will increase your inner energy and keep everything in balance.  Light candles or a fireplace, place lots of throws and fluffy pillows in your sitting area.

There may be changes going on in your household at this time.  Is someone moving out or moving in?  Are you thinking about remodeling?  Maybe some long standing issues with neighbors is beginning to resolve.  Call on Vesta to make all of your household transitions smooth.  Know that your home is a place of safety and security.  Remember to smudge or sprinkle a bit of basil in the corners of your home to keep the energy positive and flowing.

I wish you bright blessings for you, your family, and your home!



SUNDAY ORACLE: Sarasvati (The Arts)

“Express yourself through creative activities.”

Nothing sets our soul free like creative expression. Nothing gets us out of a funk like allowing our creativity to go wild! If you’ve been feeling stuck in any area of life, take time to do some creative therapy. Paint, write, dance, play music, write music, listen to music, act, work with any crafts or creative endeavor, etc. Anything that utilizes your creativity is allowed!

If your creative juices seem to not want to flow. Put on some music, if music is not your talent, whatever type of music touches your heart, and you will notice that the weight of the world lifts. You are no longer limited by circumstance. Your mind is working in a realm above the material aspect of life and that sets creativity free.

Sarasvati is the Hindu goddess of the Arts. She can help you rise to the challenge of releasing your creative side. She can bring about opportunities for you to use your artistic talents. Call on her if you are feeling stagnant in the area of the arts. Life is so much more than just work and worry. Allow yourself to be consumed by the arts and your own creativity, at least for a little while!

Bright Blessings!sarasvati


SNUDAY ORACLE: Hathor (Receptivity)

“Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others.”

Our feminine aspect, this is for both males and females, is the part of us that nurtures, cares for, and helps others. Sometimes, we find ourselves giving and giving and for some inexplicable reason, we feel guilty when someone gives to us. This should not be so.

Hathor is an Egyptian sky goddess who is called upon mainly for child birthing, conception or even adoption. However, she also knows that those who nurture and help have to replenish from time to time. This is your time to replenish.HathorBright Blessings!