Red Clover….Over and Over

Red clover is one of the most prolific edible, wild plants in the mid-south USA.  They sprout up in fields and along roadsides and they bloom nonstop through out the summer.  Did you know that they are more than just a pretty natural necklace?!  Let me say, here, if you do decide to wild harvest red clover, please do not harvest on roadsides.  Find a field, away from traffic areas and harvest there.

Ok, so what is red clover good for nutritionally?  I am so glad you asked. (Yes, I know that was cheesy.) Well, red clover helps your body absorb the nutrients that you take in through your very healthy diet.  Sometimes, the body will not absorb the nutrients, this is where red clover is in a class by itself.  It provides the right combination of minerals and vitamins that will kick absorption into high gear.  Red clover is wonderful for children, especially those who may have suffered from malnutrition.  It will also help those who are chronically ill and are not able to eat as well or as much as they should.

Red clover helps to balance parathyroid function. The parathyroid glands secrete a hormone that regulates calcium levels in the blood.  So, it may be of some help to those who are concerned about osteoporosis.  Also, cools hot flashes and tempers the mood swings of menopause.

Take a second look at this wild child of the herb world.  Red clover can be taken as a tea, made with either fresh or dried blooms.  It can also be made into a tincture or glyceride which would deliver more of the medicinal properties quickly.  You may even want to add some of the delicately sweet flowers to your summer salad!

If you think red clover may be something you could benefit from or have a question about herbs, you can contact me through the message board at my Etsy shop, click here


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