SUNDAY ORACLE: Brigit (Don’t Back Down)

“Stand up for what you believe is right.”


It’s a new year, you’ve made resolutions, now stand up for what you believe in!  One word of caution…be clear in your own mind what your belief is.  If you are not certain yourself, your opinion is just that, an opinion.  When you know what you believe or what you want/need in a situation, then you  have power.  This is your time to make your own success.  You cannot do that by worrying over what others think.  No one will ever propel you toward your goals like you will yourself.

Brigit is a fiery, triple goddess.  She embodies all aspects of the goddess; maiden, mother, and crone.  She is the female counterpart to the Archangel Michael.  Call on Brigit to give you strength and courage to stand your ground.

Be assertive when working toward your goals and know that, as you follow your passion, everything is working out in Universal right order.  All is well when you follow after your deepest convictions.

Bright blessings!  Stand strong, dear ones.


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