Winter Depression: 5 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of the Gloom

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), winter depression, or seasonal depression–any way you paint it, it is no fun!

As fall deepens into winter and the good cheer of the holiday season wanes, seasonal depression can take root.  For some it may be easy to just shake it off.  For others, it can become more severe.

Either way, here are a few tips to help you weather the winter doldrums:

  1. More Light  The darkness and gloom of wintery days may feel as if they are suffocating you.  Here is where you can flip the switch…so to speak.  Turn on an extra lamp or two.  You may even want to check out some of the light therapy devices that are available.  When the sun does decide to show itself and you are able, bundle up and get outside into the sunshine.  Even if it is just for a few minutes.  Oh, and while you are out there…….
  2. Exercise  UGH, I know that word seems to be way over used!  However, moving your body around is essential to good physical and mental health.  So, get that body moving, indoors or outside.  You don’t have to commit to a long term gym membership.  And you don’t have to have lofty workout goals.  Just take short walks, do some stretching exercises, anything to get the blood pumping.
  3. Lay Off the Sugar  Sugar is so very bad for us!  I can’t think of one good thing about sugar, except for the taste, of course.  The fact is, the roller coaster effect of the highs and lows of sugar can undermine all of our best efforts to loosen depression’s grip.  Your next trip to the grocer, include fruits and lots of them to your cart.
  4. Colorful Clothing Remember those glitzy, blingy outfits you were sporting during the holidays and how they made you feel happy?  If at all possible…add a little bling and a lot of color to your winter wardrobe.  If you feel that you can’t afford many new pieces, make the pieces you do buy colorful and bright!  Accessorize with some fun and bold jewelry! Dress for happiness!
  5. Supplement  Vitamin C and Vitamin D are always great winter time supplements.  But, don’t stop there…Yes, indeed, how could I not make mention of by favorite mood enhancing herbs!  Two of my favorites, and still my go ‘feel good’ herbs is St. John’s Wort and Rose. Both of these wonderful herbs can make all the difference in the world.  At least, they do for me. These can be used separately as tea or a tincture or as a blend. I have found that St. John’s Wort works best if taken as a tincture. However, for mild seasonal depression, the tea works just fine. Rose infused honey could be used to spruce up a cup of Greek yogurt…which could help you over the sugar withdrawals.

You truly have natural options when it comes to overcoming winter depression. Take care of yourself this winter so that you can burst forth like the daffodils come Spring!! Bright blessings!

For St. John’s Wort tincture or the Bliss Tea blend (which includes both SJW and rose) to help you through the bleak winter days, please visit my shop here.

I am not a medical doctor or psychologist. If you suffer from depression or any other mental health issue, please seek appropriate qualified help.  Always consult your primary care practitioner before using any herbs or herbal blends.

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