Clearing Negative Energy

In keeping with the admonition of the White Tara, this is a time for dispelling negativity, let me remind you that sage is perfect for banishing negativity from your home. Sage bundles are great for smudging; however, if you do not have a sage bundle, you can burn that rubbed sage that you have hidden in the back of your spice cabinet. You know, the one spice you only drag out for the Thanksgiving dressing. Yep! That will work.

Sage seems to absorb the negativity within the space where it is burned. You can literally feel the energy of your home lighten and become happier. Since White Tara has also stated that you are becoming more sensitive at this time, you will feel tensions and energy disturbances dissolve.

If you have essential oils on hand, sage or clary sage can be used as an aromatherapy treatment for removing negativity. Use one or both of those as a room spray to drive away anxiety, fear and anger.

This is just one way to remove negativity from your life. Clearing and cleansing your living space will help you to better focus on your spirituality and the new-found sensitivity. When the energy changes, attitudes change and life can only become more positive.

Bright blessings, dear ones!100_0737

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