SUNDAY ORACLE: Green Tara (Start Delegating)

“Ask other (including Green Tara) to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself.”

Let’s face it!  None of us are superhuman…right?  Don’t try to be.  Often when we try to take care of everything on our own, we become frustrated and bitter.  Instead of battling those feelings, ask for help.  Ask your spouse or partner to help you out with extra chores.  Make a list of chores for your children.  Delegating household duties gives you more time for yourself.

Productivity is increased when you take time for meditation and self healing.  Clearing  the mind makes decision making easier, making good decisions is conducive to  productivity.  If you have some trouble asking for the help you need so that you can have time alone to recharge, call on Green Tara.  She can give you ideas and empower you to delegate rightly.

Green Tara is a Hindu/Buddhist Goddess is known to offer speedy, emergency help to those who call on her.  She provides insight and understanding into relationships and situations.

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