SUNDAY ORACLE: Nemetona (Sacred Space)

“Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine.”

Everyone needs a place, a quiet spot, to recharge and rejuvenate.  Create an altar with symbols that you connect in the spiritual realm.  Anything that speaks to your soul on a deep level is fair game. Spend time in prayer or meditation at your altar to explore your connection with the Divine unhindered and without judgement.

Begin by clearing the energy of the space with sage and invoking the Archangel Michael. Then arrange the symbols you have chosen on your altar space in a way that speaks to you.Commune with the Deity of your choice to receive guidance and strengthen your spiritual connection with the Universe.

The Celtic goddess, Nemetona, is especially beneficial in creating sacred spaces.  She is, after all, the protector of sacred groves.  She will assist you in setting up your space, whether it be an indoor altar or an outdoor labyrinth.  Call on Nemetona to help you chose altar items and give you spiritual protection as you commune with the Divine.

Bright blessings!

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