SUNDAY ORACLE: Aeracura (Blossoming)

“You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up.”

Throughout our lives there are cycles and with those cycles there is newness. Beginnings happen for us all our lives. New projects, new relationships, new paths, etc. Whatever your newness is this week, be patient and don’t rush. Enjoy the newness and the process of growing.

Now, if this is a time in your life when you feel as if you are stuck or life has grown stale…start something new. Sometimes you have to make newness happen. Find a new outlet for the passion in your life. Not sure which direction you need to be going? Consult Aeracura. She can give you the direction you need so that you can find a starting point.

Aeracura is a Earth Mother goddess, she is also a bridge between this life and the hereafter. She will help you find the money or products you need to begin your new project. She is especially helpful to artists of all genres and inventors. She is the perfect help when you are beginning a new project.

Slow down this week, ease into your new thing with love and patience and enjoy watching yourself grow as your plan unfolds. Just keep believing in yourself and your abilities. Make sure you inundate yourself with positive self talk and loving affirmations.Bright Blessings as you embark on your new thing!

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SUNDAY ORACLE: Green Tara (Start Delegating)

“Ask other (including Green Tara) to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself.”

Let’s face it!  None of us are superhuman…right?  Don’t try to be.  Often when we try to take care of everything on our own, we become frustrated and bitter.  Instead of battling those feelings, ask for help.  Ask your spouse or partner to help you out with extra chores.  Make a list of chores for your children.  Delegating household duties gives you more time for yourself.

Productivity is increased when you take time for meditation and self healing.  Clearing  the mind makes decision making easier, making good decisions is conducive to  productivity.  If you have some trouble asking for the help you need so that you can have time alone to recharge, call on Green Tara.  She can give you ideas and empower you to delegate rightly.

Green Tara is a Hindu/Buddhist Goddess is known to offer speedy, emergency help to those who call on her.  She provides insight and understanding into relationships and situations.


SUNDAY ORACLE: Nemetona (Sacred Space)

“Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine.”

Everyone needs a place, a quiet spot, to recharge and rejuvenate.  Create an altar with symbols that you connect in the spiritual realm.  Anything that speaks to your soul on a deep level is fair game. Spend time in prayer or meditation at your altar to explore your connection with the Divine unhindered and without judgement.

Begin by clearing the energy of the space with sage and invoking the Archangel Michael. Then arrange the symbols you have chosen on your altar space in a way that speaks to you.Commune with the Deity of your choice to receive guidance and strengthen your spiritual connection with the Universe.

The Celtic goddess, Nemetona, is especially beneficial in creating sacred spaces.  She is, after all, the protector of sacred groves.  She will assist you in setting up your space, whether it be an indoor altar or an outdoor labyrinth.  Call on Nemetona to help you chose altar items and give you spiritual protection as you commune with the Divine.

Bright blessings!


Dream Work

November is nature’s time of contemplation. Colorful leaves drop to the Earth leaving once lush green trees bare and skeletal. Green grass fades to brown. It seems as if all of nature is preparing for a long winter sleep. As the air cools to a chill, humans are driven inside. This is a wonderful time for said humans to indulge in some contemplation.

For me, and I suspect a few others, November is the perfect time to take stock of life. Maybe there is a need to slow down in some areas, take action in others. Get rid of the things that no longer serve, and look to the future. It is during this contemplative time that I like to do some personal dream work.

If you are not familiar with dream work, let me give you a few basics. Now, first of all, let me say that dream work can show you things about your true self that you never dreamed (pun intended) of. This is a great way to get into your own inner workings and allow your spirit guides to advise you.

In dream work, you learn to pay attention to symbols, colors, words, and your feelings within the dream. It is important to use a journal when you are doing dream work. Write down everything you can remember about the dream. Whether it seems to be a jumble of nonsense or a movie playing out in sequence, write it all down including how you felt. Throughout the day, you may remember more details, make sure you add that to your journal also. Every little thing counts.

I you want, you could use some online or digital dream interpretation books. I do use one from time to time when I am just not sure what an item or situation in my dream might mean. However, do not go by one of those guides exclusively. For your dream work, think about what an item means to you,, what does it symbolize in mind? You are the best interpreter of your dreams. After journaling your dreams for a while, you will begin to notice patterns and recognize the symbols more quickly.

After writing your dream down, you may want to spend a few minutes in meditation asking your preferred Deity for revelation and guidance.

I also like to use my herbal vision tea from time to time while doing dream-work. The combination of herbs help to relax and calm, so that you can fall asleep, and they make your dreams vivid and memorable. My vision tea formula includes: rose petals, mugwort, chamomile, mint, and cinnamon. It is a very aromatic and tasty blend. Should you want to try vision tea but do not have all of the ingredients, you can find the blend in The Enchanted Leaf store on Etsy. Just click here.

It must be noted that if you are pregnant or nursing you should not use Vision Tea. Also, this particular blend of herbs should not be used long term, use it sparingly.

Whether you use the tea or not, give dream work a try. It is an entertaining and educational endeavor. You won’t regret the time spent.

Bright Blessings and very pleasant dreams!


SUNDAY ORACLE: Damara (Guiding Children)

“You are good at helping, counseling, and healing children. Use your skills to help children now.”

What a high calling to have the talent and skills necessary to help children.  No matter what realm of help and healing you are called to, whether mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual, know that yours is a special calling.  The goddess Damara will guide you to the best and most gentle solutions for those children whose lives you touch.

Damara will cause your path to cross with that of the youths that you are meant help.  Trust in her to give you awe inspiring ideas that will benefit the children you work with.

Often when we are in a career that involves working with youths, we run the risk of burn out.  Parents also suffer from burn out at times.  Call on Damara to help you maintain perspective, youthfulness, and your own inner child so that you can continue to be of service to the children who depend on you.

Bright blessings!


Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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SUNDAY ORACLE: Mother Mary (Expect a Miracle)

“Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered.”

Doubt gets in the way of a great deal of living.  We doubt our own abilities, we doubt the abilities of which ever Divine we believe in, we doubt the intentions and abilities of others.  Yes, we all have fallen victim to doubt.  Some of the more fortunate have realized the impediment to real living doubt has been and have taken steps to overcome that horrible thing to go on to live abundant and miraculous lives.

If you have yet to do that, now is your time.  Mother Mary can help.  Mother Mary is the beloved mother of the Christ and is often referred to as the ‘queen of angels.’  She is there to help you heal yourself and to help you in your endeavors to heal others.  She is especially there for those who are child advocates and teachers.

Before we can heal others, we must first heal ourselves.  Often times, that is accomplished by learning to love ourselves.  Borrowing an exercise from Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, try affirming to yourself in the mirror, “I love you.”  Make yourself believe that the person in the mirror really does love you.  Keep saying it and affirming it everyday, until you know that you know that that person in the mirror loves you and approves of you unconditionally. Once you know that you are loved and cared for, you can move on to see the miraculous in every day living.  And, you will be able to bring that attitude into the lives of those you touch.

Call on Mother Mary this week to help you to heal yourself and to lead you into a miraculous life.  Allow her to lead you into a positive and wondrous spiritual healing.  Pray or commune with your chosen Deity or Deities and listen for them to speak to your heart.  Follow where they lead and you will find miracles happening all around you. Following your intuition in small matters and seeing the results will help dispel self-doubt and doubt in others, including the Divine.

Bright blessings!

Source:  Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.