SUNDAY ORACLE: Isolt (Undying Love)

“The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.”

This is a most amazing thought, don’t you think?  To know and imagine that the love you have put out into the Universe, the love that you have shown to others will last forever!!  Shared love is the ultimate illustration of the ripple effect.  When you drop one drop of love anywhere, it ripples unendingly in the vast ocean of human interaction.

At this time, if you are suffering from a broken heart, know that your heart will heal.  Yes, it does take time, but the love you have sent out into the Universe in the past (whether distant past or recent past) is flowing back to you.

To speed the healing, get out in nature. Spend time with the trees and birds and flowers and scurrying animals.  Breathe in all the love you have previously sent out.  It will heal your brokenness.

Isolt is a Celtic goddess that knows a bit about undying love.  Call upon her when you need help getting through a breakup.  Call on her when family or friend relationships need a little extra loving kindness splashed on.  She can be especially helpful even if there is a rift with a relative or friend who has passed on.  She can help you heal that wound that you may think can never be healed.

Love is love and will forever be love.  Flowing ceaselessly around us.  When you put it out into the Universe in the form of loving others, it will most assuredly come back to you multiplied, in your time of pain or loneliness.

May you feel love surround now and always.

Bright blessings!

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