SUNDAY ORACLE: Cordelia (Go Outside)

“You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

Yes, even if it is too cold. Even if it is too hot. Even if it is too windy. Even if it is too wet. Get out into the fresh air! I realize that we have recently traded the warm summertime for the more mild temps (at least, in my neck of the woods) of autumn. And, yes, Cordelia is the Celtic goddess associated with Beltane; however, we still need to get outside!

So many of us have jobs that require being indoors all day. Then we come home to housework and/or cooking. The fact is, getting outside and breathing in some fresh air is quite rare for many. I implore you, if you possibly can, get outdoors for a little while each day.

There is nothing quite as grounding and calming as spending a little time with nature. Allow the breeze to caress you. Gaze into the trees. Admire the beauty of yours or your neighbor’s lawn.

We get stagnant when we stay cooped up indoors. This week, make it a point to get out of the house, out of the office, out of the four walls and spend time outside. This practice will give your relationships a breath of fresh air, also. It may remind you that you can do a little more for the environment. Or it may just clear you mind so that you can make clear-headed decisions.

Call on Cordelia this week, she will willingly show you the beauty of your natural surroundings and give you a fresh look at some stagnant situations in your life.

May you be blessed with beautiful days to be outside! Bright Blessings.

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