Chiropractic is such a widely known and accepted form of natural health and healing, the general public may not realize that it is a natural healing method. But, alas, it is!!! Chiropractic was accepted as a profession in 1895. Since then it has quickly grown into the second largest medical field. Quite impressive! That growth is because of the high level of patient satisfaction. In any healthcare field, that says it all.

The short version of how chiropractic works is, practitioners manipulate the spine back into its naturally intended lines, thereby freeing nerves that may be kinked or pinched. Once the spine is in alignment, the whole body feels better and more balanced.

Can chiropractic heal all of the body’s ills? Probably not. However, it can heal all of the dis-ease that comes from having the spine out of whack. Things like; backache, headache, neck pain, leg and arm pain, and numbness that results from nerves being pinched and bound up. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Chiropractic has also been known to aid in the retention of patients in addiction programs. Those who received chiropractic treatments stayed in the program longer. That’s important when the success of rehab programs really depend on how long a person stays in the program.

When you first visit a chiropractor, you will get a complete spinal examination. They will do x-rays and some patient education as to how to properly take care of the spine. After the safe and noninvasive exam, the practitioner will recommend a course of treatment customized to the patients’ needs.

So, the next time your back is achy, visit you local chiropractor. There is a very good chance that you will come out feeling better without the invasiveness of surgery or the side effects of drugs. Also, it may be much less expensive than conventional methods of treatment.

Bright blessings!

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