EVERYDAY HERBAL: Intentional Herbs

Not only do I love to heal with herbs, I love to cook with herbs. I love to use herbs intentionally! Each and every herb has its own healing properties, flavor, and metaphysical properties.  For example, black pepper.  Almost everyone I know uses black pepper in cooking.  I mean, it is a given, we put salt and pepper on almost everything we eat.  Did you know that black pepper stimulates digestion?  Could this be the reason that, since the dawn of time, people have been adding black pepper to their food?  Well, that and because it tastes good.  Did you know that black pepper can also be used to ward off negativity?  That’s right!  So, maybe add a little extra black pepper to your meals for more positive dinnertime conversation.

But, I’m not here to talk about black pepper.  This is just one illustration of how to use herbs in your every day life.  Yes, we follow recipes with various herbs and spices, and we think of them just in terms of flavor.  They are so much more!  When you cook, think about the herbs you are using.  As you add each one, note what the healing properties are. Think about how this will positively influence your family’s health. Note what the metaphysical properties are, also. Think about how this will positively influence attitudes and help balance the qi in your home. Let your intuition and intention guide you into making more meaningful dishes.

We have already discussed black pepper, here are a few more widely used herbs/spices along with the healing and metaphysical properties:

Garlic-lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, a great heart health herb, combats allergies and food poisoning

metaphysically, garlic protects against evil and jealousy

Parsley-gets rid of bad breath, promotes healthy kidney and bladder function, due to its anti-inflammatory properties it may help reduce joint pain

metaphysical properties of parsley include purification and can halt misfortune

Basil-enhances circulation, contains anti-oxidants, useful in relieving cold and flu symptoms

basil’s metaphysical properties are mostly in the realm of protection: protection of the home and  the health of the body.

Cinnamon-wonderfully warming, boosts metabolism, also helps combat colds and flu,helps control blood sugar levels

metaphysically cinnamon is used to increase creativity, boosts success in personal endeavors, increases lust and passion

This is certainly just a few of the herbs you may use everyday. Not an extensive list at all. I do hope this can get you started on the road to using herbs/spices with intention.  Find out what healing and metaphysical properties the herbs you want to use have and go with it!!!!

Bright Blessings to you, your family, and your meals!

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