Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old practice of healing and maintaining balance in one’s life.  Not only does Ayurveda cover the physical aspects, but it includes the mind and spirit.  The word Ayurveda actually mean ‘the science of life.’  This natural healing modality, as with all natural methods of healing, does not diagnosis disease in the way Western medicine does.

Ayurveda first wants to know who the patient is.  Not the name of the patient, but who they are by their constitution.  The are 3 main body types in Ayurveda, these are called constitutions or doshas.  Most people are a mixture of these 3; however, there will always be one that is dominant.  Ayurveda strives to bring balance to the whole person based on what their constitution or dosha is.

This amazing, ancient healing practice utilizes the use of herbs, yoga, meditation, massage, and breathing exercise to bring an individual back to their perfect balance. As with all other methods of natural healing, Ayurveda emphasizes proper nutrition, also.  There can never be enough said about the fact that good eating habits have an enormous effect on the health of the body.

If you are looking for that one all-encompassing healing method, I would have to say that Ayurveda comes as close to that as a person can get.  This particular healing method has been used effectively in the treatment of cancer and heart disease. The World Health Organization also recognizes the Ayurveda system of healing and supports Ayurvedic research.

Wishing you abundant health!  Bright Blessings

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