How can healing with flowers be wrong?!  Well, it can’t be wrong and it isn’t wrong.  Like all natural healing modalities, flower essences are a gentle and loving way to heal.  Flower essences play an important role in healing and balancing emotions.  Emotions have a whole lot to do with our physical health.

According to English physician Edward Bach, “Behind all disease lies our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes, and dislikes.”   If that is true, and I believe it is, then truly flower essences gets to the very root of all of our suffering.  Many experts in alternative medicine attest to the fact that flower essences enhances other healing methods.

Dr. Bach formulated special preparations that later became known as Bach Flower Remedies and even later was renamed Bach Flower Essences.  The essences are sold over the counter or rather online if you do not live near a retailer that carries them.

You can also make your own flower essences by taking flower petals (only the non-poisonous ones), covering them with spring water and setting them out in sunlight for 4 hours.  Strain the flower petal out before taking the essences.  You can also boil the petals in spring water for 30 minutes, then strain before use.  If you don’t plan on using all of the essence quickly, add an equal amount of brandy to the essence and it will keep for quite a long time.

If you don’t have the time or knowledge you feel you need to prepare your own, do an online search to find a retailer that carries Bach Flower Remedies.

If you need a little guidance as to which remedy to use, you can consult any one of the over 800 Bach Flower Registered Practitioners worldwide.  Any of these can located by going to the website:  www.bachcentre.com

I wish you great health and Bright Blessings.


SUNDAY ORACLE: Dana (High-Priestess)

“You have Divine knowledge that can help others through your spiritual teaching.”

If you are reading this blog post, then you have been lead to it by a Divine force.  That Divine energy is telling you and affirming in your heart what you really already knew to be true.  You are a spiritual teacher.  No matter the path you are following, in your path, in your religion, you are being called to teach others.

Dana is a Celtic goddess, perhaps the most ancient Celtic deities.  Call on Dana for help in your teaching efforts.  She can create opportunities for you to share your knowledge.  She can spur your ancient memories so that you can draw on teachings that you may have forgotten through your lifetimes.  Dana will help you with speaking and/or writing or whatever your preferred method of teaching is.

She is telling you today, with the new moon just passed, it is time for you to step up and lead others who are seeking in your religion and realm of spirituality.  You could lead a workshop, pen an ebook, or hold seminars.  This is your time!  You are a spiritual leader, honor your Divinity and share it with everyone who wants to know.

Spend some time meditating today. Maybe even mix up some mugwort, jasmine, and cinnamon incense to burn during meditation.  Call on this goddess of goddeses, Dana, and allow her knowledge and light to help you discern the many avenues of teaching that are available to you.

Best wishes and Bright Blessings!!!



Chelation therapy is probably not something that a lot of people, especially here in the Bible Belt, have heard a lot about. However, it is a most interesting therapy and could quite possibly take the place of many heart bypass surgeries. But, let’s get into what chelation (key-LAY-shun) therapy really is.

This natural therapy is a way to rid the body of toxic metals. It is used to improve circulation of the blood and to reverse atherosclerosis. During chelation therapy, which is done on an outpatient basis, the patient is given an IV infusion of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraaetic acid ) and vitamins and minerals. This becomes a detox program on steroids…so to speak…no steroids are actually used.

Chelation therapy is beneficial to those who suffer from intermittent claudication (leg cramps), those who have various heart related illnesses, i.e., angina, coronary artery disease, or stroke. But, it does not stop there. There are many documented cases that attest to improved memory and concentration, improved vision, and improved kidney function.

There is also a form of oral chelation therapy. This is not quite as aggressive as the IV therapy, but it can make improvements in your overall health. There are many nutritional supplements that can be used as oral chelation, such as, Gingko Biloba, garlic, vitamin C, and selenium, just to name a few. Your natural health practitioner can help you decide which supplements can be the most beneficial to you.

If you think you may be a candidate for IV chelation therapy, you can find board certified providers through one the places mentioned below

American Board of Chelation Therapy. www.glccm.org

American College of Advancement in Medicine www.acam.org

Gordon Research Institute www.gordonresearch.com

This blog post merely skims the surface of the depth and scope of chelation therapy and what it can do for an individual’s health and longevity. Suffice it to say, if you are having circulatory issues, including heart problems of any kind, it may be very advantageous for you to do some additional research. I wish you much health and Bright Blessings!


SUNDAY ORACLE: Isolt (Undying Love)

“The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.”

This is a most amazing thought, don’t you think?  To know and imagine that the love you have put out into the Universe, the love that you have shown to others will last forever!!  Shared love is the ultimate illustration of the ripple effect.  When you drop one drop of love anywhere, it ripples unendingly in the vast ocean of human interaction.

At this time, if you are suffering from a broken heart, know that your heart will heal.  Yes, it does take time, but the love you have sent out into the Universe in the past (whether distant past or recent past) is flowing back to you.

To speed the healing, get out in nature. Spend time with the trees and birds and flowers and scurrying animals.  Breathe in all the love you have previously sent out.  It will heal your brokenness.

Isolt is a Celtic goddess that knows a bit about undying love.  Call upon her when you need help getting through a breakup.  Call on her when family or friend relationships need a little extra loving kindness splashed on.  She can be especially helpful even if there is a rift with a relative or friend who has passed on.  She can help you heal that wound that you may think can never be healed.

Love is love and will forever be love.  Flowing ceaselessly around us.  When you put it out into the Universe in the form of loving others, it will most assuredly come back to you multiplied, in your time of pain or loneliness.

May you feel love surround now and always.

Bright blessings!



Chiropractic is such a widely known and accepted form of natural health and healing, the general public may not realize that it is a natural healing method. But, alas, it is!!! Chiropractic was accepted as a profession in 1895. Since then it has quickly grown into the second largest medical field. Quite impressive! That growth is because of the high level of patient satisfaction. In any healthcare field, that says it all.

The short version of how chiropractic works is, practitioners manipulate the spine back into its naturally intended lines, thereby freeing nerves that may be kinked or pinched. Once the spine is in alignment, the whole body feels better and more balanced.

Can chiropractic heal all of the body’s ills? Probably not. However, it can heal all of the dis-ease that comes from having the spine out of whack. Things like; backache, headache, neck pain, leg and arm pain, and numbness that results from nerves being pinched and bound up. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Chiropractic has also been known to aid in the retention of patients in addiction programs. Those who received chiropractic treatments stayed in the program longer. That’s important when the success of rehab programs really depend on how long a person stays in the program.

When you first visit a chiropractor, you will get a complete spinal examination. They will do x-rays and some patient education as to how to properly take care of the spine. After the safe and noninvasive exam, the practitioner will recommend a course of treatment customized to the patients’ needs.

So, the next time your back is achy, visit you local chiropractor. There is a very good chance that you will come out feeling better without the invasiveness of surgery or the side effects of drugs. Also, it may be much less expensive than conventional methods of treatment.

Bright blessings!


SUNDAY ORACLE: Cordelia (Go Outside)

“You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

Yes, even if it is too cold. Even if it is too hot. Even if it is too windy. Even if it is too wet. Get out into the fresh air! I realize that we have recently traded the warm summertime for the more mild temps (at least, in my neck of the woods) of autumn. And, yes, Cordelia is the Celtic goddess associated with Beltane; however, we still need to get outside!

So many of us have jobs that require being indoors all day. Then we come home to housework and/or cooking. The fact is, getting outside and breathing in some fresh air is quite rare for many. I implore you, if you possibly can, get outdoors for a little while each day.

There is nothing quite as grounding and calming as spending a little time with nature. Allow the breeze to caress you. Gaze into the trees. Admire the beauty of yours or your neighbor’s lawn.

We get stagnant when we stay cooped up indoors. This week, make it a point to get out of the house, out of the office, out of the four walls and spend time outside. This practice will give your relationships a breath of fresh air, also. It may remind you that you can do a little more for the environment. Or it may just clear you mind so that you can make clear-headed decisions.

Call on Cordelia this week, she will willingly show you the beauty of your natural surroundings and give you a fresh look at some stagnant situations in your life.

May you be blessed with beautiful days to be outside! Bright Blessings.


EVERYDAY HERBAL: Intentional Herbs

Not only do I love to heal with herbs, I love to cook with herbs. I love to use herbs intentionally! Each and every herb has its own healing properties, flavor, and metaphysical properties.  For example, black pepper.  Almost everyone I know uses black pepper in cooking.  I mean, it is a given, we put salt and pepper on almost everything we eat.  Did you know that black pepper stimulates digestion?  Could this be the reason that, since the dawn of time, people have been adding black pepper to their food?  Well, that and because it tastes good.  Did you know that black pepper can also be used to ward off negativity?  That’s right!  So, maybe add a little extra black pepper to your meals for more positive dinnertime conversation.

But, I’m not here to talk about black pepper.  This is just one illustration of how to use herbs in your every day life.  Yes, we follow recipes with various herbs and spices, and we think of them just in terms of flavor.  They are so much more!  When you cook, think about the herbs you are using.  As you add each one, note what the healing properties are. Think about how this will positively influence your family’s health. Note what the metaphysical properties are, also. Think about how this will positively influence attitudes and help balance the qi in your home. Let your intuition and intention guide you into making more meaningful dishes.

We have already discussed black pepper, here are a few more widely used herbs/spices along with the healing and metaphysical properties:

Garlic-lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, a great heart health herb, combats allergies and food poisoning

metaphysically, garlic protects against evil and jealousy

Parsley-gets rid of bad breath, promotes healthy kidney and bladder function, due to its anti-inflammatory properties it may help reduce joint pain

metaphysical properties of parsley include purification and can halt misfortune

Basil-enhances circulation, contains anti-oxidants, useful in relieving cold and flu symptoms

basil’s metaphysical properties are mostly in the realm of protection: protection of the home and  the health of the body.

Cinnamon-wonderfully warming, boosts metabolism, also helps combat colds and flu,helps control blood sugar levels

metaphysically cinnamon is used to increase creativity, boosts success in personal endeavors, increases lust and passion

This is certainly just a few of the herbs you may use everyday. Not an extensive list at all. I do hope this can get you started on the road to using herbs/spices with intention.  Find out what healing and metaphysical properties the herbs you want to use have and go with it!!!!

Bright Blessings to you, your family, and your meals!



Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old practice of healing and maintaining balance in one’s life.  Not only does Ayurveda cover the physical aspects, but it includes the mind and spirit.  The word Ayurveda actually mean ‘the science of life.’  This natural healing modality, as with all natural methods of healing, does not diagnosis disease in the way Western medicine does.

Ayurveda first wants to know who the patient is.  Not the name of the patient, but who they are by their constitution.  The are 3 main body types in Ayurveda, these are called constitutions or doshas.  Most people are a mixture of these 3; however, there will always be one that is dominant.  Ayurveda strives to bring balance to the whole person based on what their constitution or dosha is.

This amazing, ancient healing practice utilizes the use of herbs, yoga, meditation, massage, and breathing exercise to bring an individual back to their perfect balance. As with all other methods of natural healing, Ayurveda emphasizes proper nutrition, also.  There can never be enough said about the fact that good eating habits have an enormous effect on the health of the body.

If you are looking for that one all-encompassing healing method, I would have to say that Ayurveda comes as close to that as a person can get.  This particular healing method has been used effectively in the treatment of cancer and heart disease. The World Health Organization also recognizes the Ayurveda system of healing and supports Ayurvedic research.

Wishing you abundant health!  Bright Blessings


SUNDAY ORACLE: Mary Magdalene (Unconditional Love)

“Love yourself, others, and every situation–no matter what the outward appearances may be.”

As I was typing this post, the song ‘All ya need is love,” began playing in my head.  Love really is what makes the world go around.    Mary Magdalene, though not a Goddess as in one that has been worshiped by any people or religion, was a key figure in the life of Jesus of the Bible.  The Bible does not say directly that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, many scholars say that she was.  However, if she was of that profession, she certainly displayed a courageous and sweet spirit by showing unconditional love to those who would judge her.

Mary Magdalene chose to forgive and love those who looked down on her.  That is what this oracle is all about this week, loving and forgiving those who would judge or hurt you.  You do not have to sink to their level of meanness. You can rise above that hateful attitude and simply send loving energy in their direction.  Forgiveness the key in healing old hurts.  Forgiving is not for those who wronged you, forgiving is for you.  You can wipe a great deal of bitterness off of your heart by forgiving.

Call on Mary Magdalene this week to help you practice unconditional love.  You will be amazed at how light hearted you  become once you dump the grudge baggage you are carrying.  Also, this is a great time to forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself for things you may have done and things you may think you have done.  Learn to love yourself unconditionally.

If you are in the midst of an argument with family or friends or anyone else, look at the situation through the eyes of love.  Love can heal many conflicts.  Allow your connection with the Divine and that infinite supply of love to permeate your spirit.  As love flows from inside your heart into the world around you, you will see your life situations improve and happiness will invade your life.

Practice love, dear ones, practice love!  Bright blessings!