In this first discourse on the various modalities of Natural Medicine we will look at my favorite, herbalism.  Herbalism is also called botanical medicine or phytotherapy.  Using plants to treat illness and maintain good health is the most ancient form of healing known to mankind.  

Because of the years of conditioning that we, especially in the USA, have gotten from conventional medicine, natural healing methods are seen to be outdated.  However, in my humble opinion, natural healing should be the first thing we turn to!  Most of the time people who know that I am an herbalist will ask me, ‘What herb do I take for this or that?’.  Herbalist, as with any of the practitioners of natural health, strive to treat the whole person. Our goal is not to just treat a symptom, we want to bring balance to each individual’s health and well-being.  

Yes, each herb or herbal remedy has specific properties.  Each one targets or achieves a specific purpose.  This is the thing that most people seek, that one herb that cures what ails them, from headaches to cancer.  Maybe they are looking for a quick fix.  That is not what herbs can do for you. Herbs act much more slowly and gently to the body than does synthetic drugs, so it takes longer for the effects to be realized.  Herbs also have fewer and less harmful side effects, which makes it worth the wait.

When you visit an herbalist for the first time, they will likely take down a great deal of health history.   Maybe even more than your medical doctor does.  They will also inquire into other areas of your life, such as, home situation, emotional situation, and your spiritual preferences.  The more you honestly reveal to your herbalist, the better able they will be to tailor an herbal regimen for the individual that you are.  

I wish you great health!  Blessings!



SUNDAY ORACLE: Isis (Past Life)

“This situation involves your past-life memories.”

Let me make this perfectly clear:  this Isis is not affiliated in any way with the terrorist group now operating in the middle east. The goddess, Isis, is an Egyptian high priestess moon goddess.  She is extremely versatile in her attributes.  One of the most prominent ways that Isis assists in healing if by helping those who call on her work through the past.

Whether it be your past in this life or issues carried over from a past life, Isis will lead you into a deeper knowledge of who your are.  Sometimes the past can cement us where wee are, unable to move forward.  We cannot advance in this life if we are bound by the forgotten past.  Isis will reveal those past memories and help resolve fears and help you gain wisdom for your present moment.

This week, if you feel stuck in the past or even in a situation, plan to do a past life regression.  You can find many useful ones on You Tube and no charge.  You can do this in your home alone.  Past life regression is so very helpful in bringing ancient fears to light so you can deal with the root of what is holding you back now.

May you find peace and wisdom for your life.  Bright blessings for the week to each of you!





EVERYDAY NATURAL: Coconut Moisturizer

My very favorite moisturizer — the one I use everyday — is not much more than coconut oil.  Organic coconut oil.  

I have tried different variations and additives, for scent and wrinkles and such, basically, it all begins with nature’s own coconut  oil.  Now that I have experimented with my moisturizer, this is the one recipe that I have settled on:

2 Tablespoons organic coconut oil

A few grains each of frankincense and myrrh (yes, very, very goddess-like)

3 to 4 drops of jasmine essential oil (again, very goddess-like)

I just stir this up and, whaaaa laa…..Goddess Moisturizer. My very own Divine formula.  I use just a tiny bit of this skin elixir two times a day.  My skin feels awesome…nourished and soft. Just for the record, I only use this mixture on my face.  For the rest of my body, straight coconut oil.  Well, okay, if I’m feeling it a little bit of vetiver essential oil. (One metaphysical property of vetiver is attraction.  So, just to give the hubby something to think about.)

Coconut oil is an amazing gift from Mother Nature!  You can eat it, wear it…the possibilities are endless.  When I make my moisturizer, as with all of my natural skin care and cosmetic concoctions, I make very small batches. I like my stuff fresh!  The above amounts will last me 2 to 3 months using it twice a day.  

In the summertime, the oil will stay liquefied. (I do not keep my home terribly cool in the summer.  The thermostat stays above 75F.)  If you have added anything to your coconut oil, just give it a shake before applying it to your face.  In cooler weather, the oil is solid; however, it will turn to liquid almost immediately upon contact with you skin.

Should you decide to try this out for yourself, I hope you enjoy it and come to love this simple, natural moisturizer as much as I do!

Many bright blessings, goddesses!


Natural Health and Healing in a Conventional Medicine World


Way back, when I first began to be interested in natural health, herbalism in particular, I had this idea that is was an “all or nothing” venture. I was in my early 20s at the time and that was, well, quite a few years ago. Now, with age, I have become a little more laid back and my views on most everything have become a bit more relaxed.

I am no longer totally against modern medicine. Yes, I do adhere to natural healing methods as much as possible. However, there is a place for some modalities of modern medicine. A few of those include emergency situations, such as, vehicle accidents or sudden illness, heart attack or stroke. There are some life saving and truly amazing treatments that can be administered in those settings.

For everyday health, natural is definitely the way to go. Even for chronic conditions, which you may have sought out conventional medicine in the beginning, there are natural treatments that you should explore. Besides, my employment at a hospital has shown me how emergency room staff get a little annoyed at non-emergent conditions coming in, i.e., back pain, headache, etc.

The use of synthetic drugs to treat many of the chronic illnesses of the day are overladen with side-effects. Often, the use of these drugs can lead to other, more serious chronic conditions. You can break away from these using any one or a combination of natural healing modalities.

Something to consider as you look for a natural health practitioner, is the part of the country or world you live in. I must confess that, in my section of the USA, natural health practitioners are not easy to find. There are some around, I will hopefully help in locating them for you. There are also many online resources that are available. Now, if you are fortunate enough to live, say, in the Pacific Northwest, you probably have no trouble at all finding a practitioner to fit your needs.

Over the next few weeks, I will be covering the various, individual areas of natural healing methods. It is my sincere hope that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your own health needs and those of your loved ones.

Sending healing love and light to all. Bright blessings!