‘Tis the season! For head lice….YIKES!!!

Not to worry,there is hope and help in preventing and treating head lice.  Most schools and a lot of people make way too big of a deal about head lice. Too much panic over such a tiny and easily dispelled little creature.  I know you did not come here to hear all about head lice and how they are transferred from one person to the next. Nor did you come here to read about how they breed.  You just want the bugs to leave and/or stay away. So, let’s cut right to the chase here.

The best way that  I have found to prevent head lice is to use tea tree oil shampoo.  Many health food stores carry tea tree oil shampoo.  You can also find it online.  In a pinch, or if you just want to, you can make your own.  Just take about 8 oz. of the shampoo you have on hand, mix in 40 to 60 drops of tea tree oil and, Viola!! Tea tree oil shampoo!  This is safe enough to use daily (if your beginning shampoo is safe enough).  During head lice season, you should use the special shampoo two or three times a week for prevention. Peak times for head lice seems to be the fall and winter months.

If you child has already come home with these pesky little vermin,  You will want to get rid of them as soon as possible.  Use tea tree oil in a carrier oil, such as, apricot or olive oil, and coat the child’s scalp and hair. The recommended amounts here is 2 tablespoons carrier oil to 20 drops tea tree oil.  Leave this on for a couple of hours.  Then shampoo out.  Of course, it may take two or three shampoos to get the oily feel and look out of the hair.  You will also want to purchase a fine toothed comb.  This is mostly aesthetic, but necessary if you don’t want your child sent home for having lice eggs in their hair.  This process does take longer to accomplish than the chemical pesticides you can purchase in stores, but it does not harm you or your child either.

Other than treating the head, you will want wash the child’s bedding in as hot water as you can.  If you want to spray furniture or soft toys, mix a few drops of tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle.

If you cannot stand the scent of tea tree oil, there are others that you can try using the same methods. These are, lavender, clove, nutmeg, eucalyptus or peppermint oils.  Tea tree oil is, in my opinion, the most effective.  The choice is yours.  I just want you to know that you DO have a choice.  You do not have to use harmful pesticides on your child’s head.  There is a safer, natural way to get rid of and prevent head lice.

May you, your child, and your home be head lice free this head lice season!  Bright blessings

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