SUNDAY ORACLE: Eireen (Peace)

“There is no need to worry as everything is working out beautifully.”

Who doesn’t want peace in their lives?!  Well, maybe those few who thrive on drama….but, for the most part, we all want our daily lives to flow smoothly.  The Greek goddess, Eireen, is the one to call on when your life seems to be a bit too chaotic.  The Romans call this goddess Pax, which means peace.  She is that Divine attribute that wants you to know that worry and anxiousness will not enhance your life or make it better in any way.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are moving into a busy time of year.  Many holidays are approaching and for some, this can be a harrowingly busy time of year. She wants you to know that no matter how crazy life gets, the Universe has it all under control and is working things out in your favor.

Take time each day to meditate or pray and give all of your worries and concerns to your higher power. Certainly, you should take action on the things you do have control over. For those things that you cannot change, set them free from your mind and heart.  Allow the goddess Eireen to take them far away and restore peace of mind to you.

May your week be filled with peace and love!  Bright blessings.

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