SUNDAY ORACLE: Isis (Past Life)

“This situation involves your past-life memories.”

Let me make this perfectly clear:  this Isis is not affiliated in any way with the terrorist group now operating in the middle east. The goddess, Isis, is an Egyptian high priestess moon goddess.  She is extremely versatile in her attributes.  One of the most prominent ways that Isis assists in healing if by helping those who call on her work through the past.

Whether it be your past in this life or issues carried over from a past life, Isis will lead you into a deeper knowledge of who your are.  Sometimes the past can cement us where wee are, unable to move forward.  We cannot advance in this life if we are bound by the forgotten past.  Isis will reveal those past memories and help resolve fears and help you gain wisdom for your present moment.

This week, if you feel stuck in the past or even in a situation, plan to do a past life regression.  You can find many useful ones on You Tube and no charge.  You can do this in your home alone.  Past life regression is so very helpful in bringing ancient fears to light so you can deal with the root of what is holding you back now.

May you find peace and wisdom for your life.  Bright blessings for the week to each of you!




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