EVERYDAY NATURAL: Coconut Moisturizer

My very favorite moisturizer — the one I use everyday — is not much more than coconut oil.  Organic coconut oil.  

I have tried different variations and additives, for scent and wrinkles and such, basically, it all begins with nature’s own coconut  oil.  Now that I have experimented with my moisturizer, this is the one recipe that I have settled on:

2 Tablespoons organic coconut oil

A few grains each of frankincense and myrrh (yes, very, very goddess-like)

3 to 4 drops of jasmine essential oil (again, very goddess-like)

I just stir this up and, whaaaa laa…..Goddess Moisturizer. My very own Divine formula.  I use just a tiny bit of this skin elixir two times a day.  My skin feels awesome…nourished and soft. Just for the record, I only use this mixture on my face.  For the rest of my body, straight coconut oil.  Well, okay, if I’m feeling it a little bit of vetiver essential oil. (One metaphysical property of vetiver is attraction.  So, just to give the hubby something to think about.)

Coconut oil is an amazing gift from Mother Nature!  You can eat it, wear it…the possibilities are endless.  When I make my moisturizer, as with all of my natural skin care and cosmetic concoctions, I make very small batches. I like my stuff fresh!  The above amounts will last me 2 to 3 months using it twice a day.  

In the summertime, the oil will stay liquefied. (I do not keep my home terribly cool in the summer.  The thermostat stays above 75F.)  If you have added anything to your coconut oil, just give it a shake before applying it to your face.  In cooler weather, the oil is solid; however, it will turn to liquid almost immediately upon contact with you skin.

Should you decide to try this out for yourself, I hope you enjoy it and come to love this simple, natural moisturizer as much as I do!

Many bright blessings, goddesses!

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