SUNDAY ORACLE: Maeve (Cycles and Rhythms)

“Honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions.”

All life is all about cycles.  The sun, moon, stars, and indeed the entire universe operates in cycles.  The human body, especially in the female body, is one cycle after another.  Before I understood about natural cycles, I dreaded going through my menstrual period.  They were usually heavy and painful.  Had I known then what I know now….to be cliche…I truly believe that I would have been able to not only handle those periods, but appreciate the cycle that they were a part of.

Maeve is a Celtic goddess most known for her abundant sexual appetite.  She the most feminine of goddesses. She can help you through painful and heavy periods.  She also can alleviate the depression and anxiety that can be a part of your cycle.  If you are currently in an energetic period, she can help you focus that energy into something creative and productive.

Call upon Maeve any time you need a lift in mood, or relief during any of your monthly or life cycles.  There may be a window of opportunity open for you, she can propel you to take action at just the right time to make the most of that opportunity.

If you happen to have not been fortunate enough to have been born female, you can still benefit from the guidance and care of Maeve.  She will help you to recognize and understand the cycles of the male body, mind, and emotions also.  She can direct you through all the cycles of the universe to help you live your life and make decisions in accordance with the rhythms and cycles that surround you every day.

May you become more attuned to your body and your universe through the wisdom of Maeve.

Bright Blessings


SUNDAY ORACLE: Kuan Yin (Compassion)

“Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

One only has to look around them and know that all over the world, compassion is in short supply.  The only change that we can affect, is to change the way we view ourselves and others.  Take notice of how you talk about other people.  Take notice of how you think and talk about yourself.  Begin right now, this very second, to resolve to be kinder.  Be kinder to yourself and be kinder to others.

It is usually harder to be kind to yourself than it is to be kinder to others.  So, may I suggest, begin with yourself.  Let go of negative self-talk.  Let go of guilt.  Begin to be who you are and be okay with that.  Look for the good qualities that you have.  Bring your inner loveliness to light and dwell on the good that you are.

Once you are used to loving and being kind to yourself, you are ready to love and be kind to others.  If you are prone to gossip or complain about another person, now is the time to stop that behavior.  It does not matter if it is a best friend, spouse, coworker, or acquaintance, be kinder to them both when in their presence or out of their presence.  Look for good in others, especially those that you have the most difficulty in being kind to.

Kuan Yin is an Eastern goddess.  She is beautiful and compassionate.  She knows how to help you to become more compassionate also.  Call on her this week to help you release perfectionism (if you have perfectionist tendencies).  This will help you avoid judgmental-ism and being to be more positive about yourself and about others.

This is where compassion starts; with you being more positive about yourself, then those in your immediate circle (family), then others that you come into contact with regularly (coworkers, friends, the clerk at the supermarket, etc.), then your circle of influence widens to each and every individual you meet.

Your life will be happier and you will feel less burdened down when you practice compassion.

Wishing you much happiness.   Bright Blessings



‘Tis the season! For head lice….YIKES!!!

Not to worry,there is hope and help in preventing and treating head lice.  Most schools and a lot of people make way too big of a deal about head lice. Too much panic over such a tiny and easily dispelled little creature.  I know you did not come here to hear all about head lice and how they are transferred from one person to the next. Nor did you come here to read about how they breed.  You just want the bugs to leave and/or stay away. So, let’s cut right to the chase here.

The best way that  I have found to prevent head lice is to use tea tree oil shampoo.  Many health food stores carry tea tree oil shampoo.  You can also find it online.  In a pinch, or if you just want to, you can make your own.  Just take about 8 oz. of the shampoo you have on hand, mix in 40 to 60 drops of tea tree oil and, Viola!! Tea tree oil shampoo!  This is safe enough to use daily (if your beginning shampoo is safe enough).  During head lice season, you should use the special shampoo two or three times a week for prevention. Peak times for head lice seems to be the fall and winter months.

If you child has already come home with these pesky little vermin,  You will want to get rid of them as soon as possible.  Use tea tree oil in a carrier oil, such as, apricot or olive oil, and coat the child’s scalp and hair. The recommended amounts here is 2 tablespoons carrier oil to 20 drops tea tree oil.  Leave this on for a couple of hours.  Then shampoo out.  Of course, it may take two or three shampoos to get the oily feel and look out of the hair.  You will also want to purchase a fine toothed comb.  This is mostly aesthetic, but necessary if you don’t want your child sent home for having lice eggs in their hair.  This process does take longer to accomplish than the chemical pesticides you can purchase in stores, but it does not harm you or your child either.

Other than treating the head, you will want wash the child’s bedding in as hot water as you can.  If you want to spray furniture or soft toys, mix a few drops of tea tree oil with water in a spray bottle.

If you cannot stand the scent of tea tree oil, there are others that you can try using the same methods. These are, lavender, clove, nutmeg, eucalyptus or peppermint oils.  Tea tree oil is, in my opinion, the most effective.  The choice is yours.  I just want you to know that you DO have a choice.  You do not have to use harmful pesticides on your child’s head.  There is a safer, natural way to get rid of and prevent head lice.

May you, your child, and your home be head lice free this head lice season!  Bright blessings



Aromatherapy…it’s not just another pretty scent!  This is one of the most beautiful means of natural healing.  Aromatherapy uses the essential oils of herbs and plants to bring about healing.  Most well known for its excellent ability to aid in stress management, aromatherapy is so much more!  Just like the herbs and plants that the essential oils come from, they each have their own special healing property.

Using individual or customized blends of oils, aromatherpists can help you lower your blood pressure, detoxify your body, enhance the performance of glands and vital organs, and pacify the digestive processes.  All of this….done beautifully, gently, and with amazing fragrances.

Aromatherapy is excellent for calming and tranquilizing anxiousness.  A deep inhalation of lavender, jasmine, or clary sage can calm worry and fretfulness.  On the flip side, if you are needing a boost of mental or emotional energy, you could use the essential oils of black pepper or basil.

There are three ways that you can use essential oils:  inhalation, topically, or ingested.  I would not suggest ingesting any essential oils without first consulting the expertise of an aromatherapist.  Aromatherapy is excellent in the treatment of infections, viral or bacterial, skin conditions, and autonomic nervous system imbalances.

When considering which method of natural healing you want to try, don’t forget to give aromatherapy a chance, you won’t regret it!

Wishing  you much health!  Bright blessings


SUNDAY ORACLE: Eireen (Peace)

“There is no need to worry as everything is working out beautifully.”

Who doesn’t want peace in their lives?!  Well, maybe those few who thrive on drama….but, for the most part, we all want our daily lives to flow smoothly.  The Greek goddess, Eireen, is the one to call on when your life seems to be a bit too chaotic.  The Romans call this goddess Pax, which means peace.  She is that Divine attribute that wants you to know that worry and anxiousness will not enhance your life or make it better in any way.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are moving into a busy time of year.  Many holidays are approaching and for some, this can be a harrowingly busy time of year. She wants you to know that no matter how crazy life gets, the Universe has it all under control and is working things out in your favor.

Take time each day to meditate or pray and give all of your worries and concerns to your higher power. Certainly, you should take action on the things you do have control over. For those things that you cannot change, set them free from your mind and heart.  Allow the goddess Eireen to take them far away and restore peace of mind to you.

May your week be filled with peace and love!  Bright blessings.



I love sugar scrubs!!!

Excellent natural exfoliate……..inexpensive….always fresh

Do you have any idea what is in those expensive, store bought exfoliates??  Well, I can’t say that I do either. It has been a very long time since I purchased any.  I do know exactly what is in mine.  I put it in there. Sugar and oil.  Of course, as is my custom, I add some essential oil for the aromatherapy.

What about price? Again, I have no idea what they cost, but I would be willing to bet it is a whole lot more than mine.  And I can put my sugar scrub together any time I want.  Which brings me to reason number 3 for making my own exfoliate.  Freshness!

No one knows how long those exfoliates have been on the shelf. Well, at least, no  one I know does.  Homemade sugar scrubs can be made and used the same day. If you want to make a larger batch, that’s okay too! Just make sure to use it up within a couple of weeks.  Just for freshness’ sake.

My recipe for a basic sugar scrub is: 1 part oil to 2 parts sugar.  And then I add essential oils or even some natural flavorings like vanilla or mint.  The standard that I use is 1/2 cup coconut oil (no surprise there) and 1 cup sugar (use what ever you have on hand, white,brown, or raw). Normally I use vetiver essential oil because it smells clean and fresh and makes me feel beautiful.  It is also said that vetiver can make you attractive to a lover.  (A little extra help if you are single and looking; if you already have a significant other, vetiver could add a little zip to the romance.)

Of course, you do not have to add anything to your sugar scrub, just use it as is if you prefer.  It is great for your face and body. I use it about twice a week to keep my skin feeling soft and fresh.

I wish you much beautiful, healthy skin!  Bright blessings!



In this first discourse on the various modalities of Natural Medicine we will look at my favorite, herbalism.  Herbalism is also called botanical medicine or phytotherapy.  Using plants to treat illness and maintain good health is the most ancient form of healing known to mankind.  

Because of the years of conditioning that we, especially in the USA, have gotten from conventional medicine, natural healing methods are seen to be outdated.  However, in my humble opinion, natural healing should be the first thing we turn to!  Most of the time people who know that I am an herbalist will ask me, ‘What herb do I take for this or that?’.  Herbalist, as with any of the practitioners of natural health, strive to treat the whole person. Our goal is not to just treat a symptom, we want to bring balance to each individual’s health and well-being.  

Yes, each herb or herbal remedy has specific properties.  Each one targets or achieves a specific purpose.  This is the thing that most people seek, that one herb that cures what ails them, from headaches to cancer.  Maybe they are looking for a quick fix.  That is not what herbs can do for you. Herbs act much more slowly and gently to the body than does synthetic drugs, so it takes longer for the effects to be realized.  Herbs also have fewer and less harmful side effects, which makes it worth the wait.

When you visit an herbalist for the first time, they will likely take down a great deal of health history.   Maybe even more than your medical doctor does.  They will also inquire into other areas of your life, such as, home situation, emotional situation, and your spiritual preferences.  The more you honestly reveal to your herbalist, the better able they will be to tailor an herbal regimen for the individual that you are.  

I wish you great health!  Blessings!



SUNDAY ORACLE: Isis (Past Life)

“This situation involves your past-life memories.”

Let me make this perfectly clear:  this Isis is not affiliated in any way with the terrorist group now operating in the middle east. The goddess, Isis, is an Egyptian high priestess moon goddess.  She is extremely versatile in her attributes.  One of the most prominent ways that Isis assists in healing if by helping those who call on her work through the past.

Whether it be your past in this life or issues carried over from a past life, Isis will lead you into a deeper knowledge of who your are.  Sometimes the past can cement us where wee are, unable to move forward.  We cannot advance in this life if we are bound by the forgotten past.  Isis will reveal those past memories and help resolve fears and help you gain wisdom for your present moment.

This week, if you feel stuck in the past or even in a situation, plan to do a past life regression.  You can find many useful ones on You Tube and no charge.  You can do this in your home alone.  Past life regression is so very helpful in bringing ancient fears to light so you can deal with the root of what is holding you back now.

May you find peace and wisdom for your life.  Bright blessings for the week to each of you!





EVERYDAY NATURAL: Coconut Moisturizer

My very favorite moisturizer — the one I use everyday — is not much more than coconut oil.  Organic coconut oil.  

I have tried different variations and additives, for scent and wrinkles and such, basically, it all begins with nature’s own coconut  oil.  Now that I have experimented with my moisturizer, this is the one recipe that I have settled on:

2 Tablespoons organic coconut oil

A few grains each of frankincense and myrrh (yes, very, very goddess-like)

3 to 4 drops of jasmine essential oil (again, very goddess-like)

I just stir this up and, whaaaa laa…..Goddess Moisturizer. My very own Divine formula.  I use just a tiny bit of this skin elixir two times a day.  My skin feels awesome…nourished and soft. Just for the record, I only use this mixture on my face.  For the rest of my body, straight coconut oil.  Well, okay, if I’m feeling it a little bit of vetiver essential oil. (One metaphysical property of vetiver is attraction.  So, just to give the hubby something to think about.)

Coconut oil is an amazing gift from Mother Nature!  You can eat it, wear it…the possibilities are endless.  When I make my moisturizer, as with all of my natural skin care and cosmetic concoctions, I make very small batches. I like my stuff fresh!  The above amounts will last me 2 to 3 months using it twice a day.  

In the summertime, the oil will stay liquefied. (I do not keep my home terribly cool in the summer.  The thermostat stays above 75F.)  If you have added anything to your coconut oil, just give it a shake before applying it to your face.  In cooler weather, the oil is solid; however, it will turn to liquid almost immediately upon contact with you skin.

Should you decide to try this out for yourself, I hope you enjoy it and come to love this simple, natural moisturizer as much as I do!

Many bright blessings, goddesses!