SUNDAY ORACLE: Artemis (Guardian)

“You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected.”


Artemis is one of my favorite goddesses.  She is know to be a protector, especially of women and children.  Had I known about Artemis in my younger years, I may have been better prepared to handle the terrible things that happened.  Or maybe, some of those terrible things would not have occurred at all. I cannot redo the past, but I can attest to the help Artemis has given me in getting over that past and moving ahead without fear and guilt.

Artemis offers us spiritual protection as we walk in the path that we were destined for.  The bow and arrows that she was given as a child are made, not to harm but to send us the needed energy to focus on our life’s calling.  She wants us to know that we are certainly Divinely protected and have no reason to live in fear.

Fear is what causes us to feel unsafe.  When we feel unsafe, our focus wavers from our mission to that thing that we are afraid of.  When we feel those stirrings of insecurity, call on the goddess Artemis.  She will help you get back on track with confidence.  

If you have children or grandchildren, well, any little one that you love and are concerned with, call on Artemis.  She is especially adept at protecting and caring for children.  

Artemis is the twin sister of the powerful god Apollo.  She is a very tomboyish goddess who prefers to spend her time in the  forests and wild places.  She was gifted with her very special bow and arrows that serve to help her and those who call upon her to manifest their intentions.  

May the protection of Artemis surround and all those that you love! 




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