Blessed Lammas

Happy Lammas! (Northern Hemisphere) And, so, the wheel turns.  I have spent several hours of late harvesting and preserving the produce from our garden.  Although it is tedious, it is time well spent.  I find myself in awe of how Mother Earth grants us such bountifulness with just a little bit of effort on our part.  I do hope that, if you celebrate Lammas, the you celebrate with gusto! 

The name Lammas is derived from the term ‘loaf-mass.’ It is the celebration of the first harvest.  This celebration also goes by other names: Lugh, Lughnasa, Lughnasadh, Frey.   Lammas is celebrated by baking bread loaves and giving thanks to the Sun God who infused the grain iwth his lgiht and power.  In a sense, he gives his life so that we can live. 

This is an exciting and busy time for nature worshipers!  I can attest to the busyness as our garden continues to flourish and produce.  Thank you, Mother Earth!!  So, amid the picking, shelling, and preserving, I will try to find time to, well, indeed i will find time to celebrate the turning of the wheel.

Now, there are corn dollies to be made.  Hopefully, I can get my granddaughters to help with that.  A ritual of thanksgiving to indulge in….you cannot lose with a grateful heart.  And some meditation and reflection time.

I wish you the very brightest blessings this harvest season!

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