“Unleash your adventurous side! Take risks and be daring.”

Beautiful, bold Freyja! As this lovely Nordic goddess rides her cat-drawn chariot over the rainbow from Heaven to Earth, she encourages each of us to love who we are. Enjoy the pleasures and passions of life and to go for our dreams!


Sometimes reaching those dreams takes daring and a boldness that we might not have been able to stir up within us. That is where Freyja can help. When we call on Freyja, she is there to edge us toward the courage we each have, but may not have tapped into. Whatever our life’s dreams and goals are, she will help us to be more assertive and daring in order to realize those dreams.


Tonight, 3/16/2014 is a full moon. This is a perfect time to call to Freyja to help you succeed in the endeavor that you have chosen to devote time and energy to. Gather some of the correspondences to Freyja, whatever you have on hand. If the weather permits, go outside, call upon the goddess to embolden you and guide you on your path to meet your goals successfully.


Some of the correspondences for the goddess Freyja are:


Plants: daisy, strawberry, cowslip, mistletoe, and primrose.

Colors: gold, black, red, green

Stone/crystal: Amber


Things to include in a ritual to call on Freyja to give you courage:


Cast a circle. If that is something your particular religion entails.

Light a gold or green candle

Burn an incense of dried plants/herbs that you may have, especially those associated with Freyja.

Have daisies on your altar, either in a vase or scattered.

For the simple feast after the ritual: strawberries and sweet white wine,such as, muscato.



Daring mean different things to different people. Your daring and my daring may be two totally different darings. For instance, your daring may be to sky dive. I say, go for it! But, my daring does not go that far. At least, not at this point in my life. Whatever you daring is, this is a great day to be your daredevil self.


Flirt with that guy that you have been interested in, but are just not sure that he likes you. You never know what could happen. It may be that he was waiting for just such an opportunity to get to know you. Of course, it may be that it totally goes over his head. If so, then you, at least, know that you can move on to something or someone else.


Make a bold life change. If you are unhappy in your work or your life just seems to have stagnated. Be the change you need in order to have a more fulfilling life.


Show your body some love! Nowadays, everywhere you look, people are trying to lose weight, change their body. Now, I am all for a healthy lifestyle. However, whether you are there or not, love the body you have. Pamper yourself today, wear something bright and cheery. Accept yourself and smile like god/goddess you are!Image


SUNDAY ORACLE: Butterfly Maiden

“You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings.”


What perfect timing! Of course, that is how the Universe works; in perfect time. What I mean is, we have just had the 1st new moon of March (There will be two new moons this month!) The new moon is a time to begin new things or make positive changes in your life and leave the old behind. If you have started a new project or set life changing goals, the Butterfly Maiden promises success with a great transformation.


One thing that always comes when we are making great changes in our lives is fear. Change of any kind brings fear of the unknown to some degree. We become uncertain and filled with ‘what if.’ What if I fail? What if I lose everything? The Butterfly Maiden encourages us to be filled with anticipation, celebration, and hope. She affirms that our future is secure.


We are, each and everyone of us, a part of nature’s cycles. Birth, death, and rebirth in a continuous flow. Although most of us cannot see literally into the future, letting go of old habits, old things, old thoughts, etc., makes room for a new and bright future. Say goodbye to the old and embrace the newness that is coming to you simply because you are following your heart and making changes in your life.


When you make the decision to do things differently, and that decision has come from your deepest heart, be assured that the transformation that comes will bring about blessings and happiness. Your prayers are being answered and the Universe is sending the good things to you that you deserve.


The Butterfly Maiden is a Hopi Native American spirit of springtime. She guides you through life’s transformations. She helps you to spread your wings and be the person you feel you need to be. If you are feeling as if you are stuck in a situation, she is the one to call on. She can help you break free of the cocoon-like confines and burst forth like a beautiful butterfly.


Celebrate the changes that are happening in your life right now! Celebrate and embrace! The old you is in the past, move forward into the new you, this new phase of life, with gusto. Keep in your heart that the best you is emerging and success is coming in abundance to you.


Bright blessings and much love!