SUNDAY ORACLE: Sedna (Infinite Supply)


You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.”


Sedna is an Inuit Eskimo goddess who supplies sustenance for the body and soul. Today, she wants you to know that there is no lack for you and your family, if you are willing to receive. Don’t worry or fret, all will be supplied to you. The Universe is vast and abundant and is willing to furnish everything you need to live without want. sup


Sedna is also the goddess of sea creatures. Dolphins, whales, etc., are a passion of hers. If you feel you are being called upon to support a cause, consider those organizations that fund oceanic causes. Volunteer or give momentary support.


The most important message from Sedna is that of balance. We need balance in every part of our lives. So, Sedna wants us to balance giving and receiving. Live everyday with a giving attitude. Give fearlessly out of what you have to give and the Universe will rain down on you all that you need and then some.


Bright blessings to you today and always!

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