Coventina is the goddess of water. She protects and presides over streams, pools, lakes, rivers, etc. Coventina calls us to purification. Her oracle card states, ‘It is time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind.’

We all need detoxification from time to time. We can detoxify our bodies through consuming detoxifying foods and through detoxifying baths. We detoxify our minds by focusing on positive and uplifting thoughts and actions.

With Coventina’s help we can make lifestyle changes that our own intuition has been prompting us to make. This is a great time to begin to purge our cabinets and bodies of refined sugars, flours, and processed food. Maybe your individual change involves breaking an addiction. Coventina can help with that!

Purity in all forms is good for each of us, whether it be in our food or in our thoughts. I encourage you to take some extra care this week in what you eat. Help your body to become a little cleaner and healthier just by making small changes in your diet. Also, do some meditation and fill your mind (by what your read, watch, or think) with positive ideas, and influences.

Later in the week, I will be featuring posts that will give you ideas on how to detox the body and mind. So, tune in again and let’s get purified inside and out.

Bright blessings….

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