Food As Medicine: Kale Chips and Mango Salsa

Delicious snack that will have you coming back for more!


First, the recipes:


Kale Chips


1 bunch of kale, washed, trimmed from the stems, cut into bite sized pieces, and dried thoroughly..

Olive Oil

Kosher Salt



Make sure the kale is completely dry (air drying overnight is perfect), otherwise your chips will be chewy.  Toss them lightly with olive oil, add salt and a few grates of nutmeg, then toss again.  Put into a 250 degree oven for 15 minutes.  Keep a close watch as oven temperatures and cooking times vary.  When the edges begin to turn a little brown, your chips are ready.


Mango Salsa


1 ripe mango, peeled, seeded and cut into cubes

1 jalapeno, chopped fine  

¼ c. chopped onion

1 T. fresh cilantro, chopped

¼ t. cumin


Mix all ingredients together.  It is best to allow them to sit together in the refrigerator overnight.


The kale chips will not be sturdy enough to dip into the salsa, but spooning it on is just as good!


What are the health benefits to this tasty, fresh snack?  I’m glad you ask!  Below is a rundown of some of the benefits of each ingredient.


Kale:  packed with iron, vitamin K, and antioxidants

Nutmeg: Brain spice! Improves concentration, lifts your mood.

Mango: antioxidants, clears the skin, lowers cholesterol, and great for your eyes.

Jalapeno: pain reliever, great for headaches, anti-inflammatory, boosts metabolism

Onion: helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, assists in balancing blood glucose.

Cilantro: antianxiety, make help promote better sleep, excellent ingredient for internal cleansing.

Cumin: great immune booster, digestive aid

Now, the chips will not hold up to being dipped in the mango salsa.  They are just too delicate.  However, these two dishes do taste great together. So, I suggest a bite of kale chip, small spoonful of salsa.

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