Still Looking For Spring

April 2, 2013

Where is spring?


Normally, by this time of year, the weather is warm and mostly sunny.  T shirts, shorts, sundresses, and flip flops are the normal casual dress.  However, this April is not the norm.  The temperatures are way too cool and it seems to be ever cloudy and damp; sunshine is a rare commodity.  Spring’s official arrival on March 21 seems to have been totally ignored by Mother Nature.


It times before we had such amazing weather prognosticating technology, people knew that this year would be the year for the late arrival of spring.  How did they know?  Well, the saying, “Early Easter, Late Spring; Late Easter, Early Spring” comes to mind.  This year Easter came at the end of March, which is a little early, and well, Spring has yet to arrive.  I suspect, those ‘old ways’ are spot on.


I love to explore the wit and wisdom of old country folk.  To the modern world, they seem outdated and uneducated.  That may apply, but, their wisdom reaches down into the soul of nature.  They take notice of the workings of the natural world; seasons, elements, and even the moon and stars.  Some are so attuned nature that they have no need of the Weather Channel. Or could it be, their lives are so uncomplicated that the weather is a minor issue most of the time?


Either way, I feel myself yearning to be a part of those rare group that are so very much in harmony with nature.  To hone this skill, I imagine, takes some getting out of doors and spending time with nature; which is exactly what I intend to do…..just as soon as it warms up a bit.

Spring, I believe, will come in its own good time.  I cannot say that I will enjoy the cooler weather, I am a warm weather person; however, I will stay calm and enjoy a cup (or two) of linden tea while waiting for the temperatures to catch up to the season.